Meet Dr. Debra Gambrell, DO - Osteopathic Pediatrician - Anthroposophical Medicine

Dr. Debra Gambrell, DO
Dr. Debra Gambrell, DO

As a pediatric anesthesiologist, I have worked with many amazing young children over the years. Some of these children have been very sick, while most were considered “normal” by the conventional medical community. It was my job to evaluate the health of each child to see if they were healthy enough to receive an anesthetic or undergo surgery.

Over the years I began to notice how many of these “normal” children were actually quite sick. I began to wonder why and asking more questions of the parents; probing deeper into their medical history, including details surrounding their birthing process as well as how their pregnancies went. I also asked the parents about their own health and well-being.

In this personal academic journey, I discovered many children are experiencing what I describe as “unpredictable immune systems,” causing all kinds of problems from asthma, to food sensitivities to near-constant colds from October until May each year. As I dug deeper I found some fascinating associations with a child’s immune system dysfunction and some behavioral issues. I also noticed that children who had dark circles under their eyes did not always tolerate an anesthetic as well as those bright-eyed children. Yet, there was nothing “in the chart” to explain these differences. Determined to find answers for these families, I kept digging.

Since that time many years ago, I have worked tirelessly to understand how child development is directly related to immune health and as an advocate for families. I have noticed how many children were seen by their primary care providers, but their “subclinical” issues (health related problems that conventional medicine cannot detect) were never addressed - much less any of their emotional needs or issues. This is why I decided to open up my private osteopathic practice where I take care of these children and continue to specialize in osteopathic pedicatrics.

My practice specializes in the care of the whole child - body, mind and spirit. Statistics say that 50% of all children have 1 of the 20 most common chronic medical diseases, including:

  • Asthma
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Food sensitivities
  • Sensory/behavioral disorders

All of the above issues have the potential to prevent a child from growing fully into their body, and these are the types of medical problems that I enjoy treating. I value a well-informed, highly-involved parent’s opinion. In almost every case I find that the mother knows when something is wrong even when they may have been told the opposite. I enjoy working with the family as a whole to discover the answers that will get your child back on track to the vibrant and healthy childhood they deserve!