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We Practice A Different Kind Of Medicine At Tru Health Medicine

As Naturopathic Medical Doctors we will address your current ailments, but more importantly, we will help you get to the root cause of your symptoms so that you can stay well throughout your life. This is why we have made preventive medicine the focus of our practice.

What makes us different?

We acknowledge the shortcomings within the current system of healthcare. This has motivated us to create a more positive experience for our patients as well as better outcomes. We take the time to listen to your needs and get to know you. This enables us to offer care that is unique to your needs.

Our Mission

Redefining Health

At Tru Health Medicine we understand health not as the absence of disease but rather a dynamic state of being that is maintained when we are able to find balance within our daily lives. As doctors who view naturopathic medicine as a way of life, we believe that only when we commit to making lifestyle choices that respect the wisdom of the human body, and the natural world that sustains it, can we be truly healthy. As naturopathic doctors who are trained as primary care physicians, we have found that using natural therapies including herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy are often able to effectively stimulate the body’s own natural healing process without the need for pharmaceuticals (or the side effects that come along with these medicines).

Treat the Whole Person

At Tru Health Medicine we are deeply committed to supporting each patient as an individual, not a disease. We offer comprehensive, preventative, individualized medical care that emphasizes the importance of restoring and maintaining a state of sustainable health. As naturopathic doctors who practice individualized medicine, we take time to discover who our patients are as unique individuals so that we can discover the underlying causes for their health challenges, tailor treatments to their individual needs, and help them regain a level of health that allows them to do more of what they love. Our approach is thorough, compassionate and effective.

Treat the Underlying Cause

At Tru Health Medicine we believe that symptoms are only an expression of the body, mind and/or spirit being in a state of dis-ease and understood them as the language that the body uses to communicate where the imbalances lie and how to best restore balance. As doctors who offer their patients more than symptom management, we understand that taking the time to discover the underlying causes of your symptoms and restoring balance where it is needed provides our patients with relief from their symptoms while optimizing their overall health in transformative way.


At Tru Health Medicine we believe the first step to living a healthy and fulfilling life is to address imbalances in the physical, emotional and spiritual body before they manifest into symptoms of a disease process. As doctors who practice preventative medicine, our mission is to help our patients thrive in body, mind, and spirit so that they can live a life free from anxiety, fatigue, and pain.

Empowering our Patients

At Tru Health Medicine we hope to impart our passion for health to our patients. As naturopathic doctors who treat the whole person not just their symptoms, we strive to provide a comfortable and receptive environment that allows you to participate in your own health care decisions. Our patients are encouraged to work in partnership with their doctor to create treatment plans that support both short-term and long-term health goals.

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