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Santa Rosa IV Therapy

IV therapy in Santa Rosa. Sonoma county's first and oldest IV therapy "drip club" for infusion treatments. Experts in IV micro nutrient intravenous treatments. Voted best doctors in Santa Rosa 2015. 707-292-8882

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Santa Rosa's IV Drip Club for IV Therapy

If you are interested in improving your health with proven methods that can boost your energy, quicken your response to the treatments you are receiving or if you are interested in anti-aging and preventive medicine- the DRIP CLUB is something you will want to consider taking advantage of.

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IV Therapy Clinic in Santa Rosa - 2015 Best Physicians

IV therapies are easy to receive and are viewed as being a safe integrative therapy. Intravenous nutrients can help to prevent and correct the deficiencies that are caused by absorption problems. They are also powerful therapies that can help to boost energy levels and combat the deterioration of the body that is associated with aging and illness.

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Immune Tonic IV - Are you ready for flu season?

Immune Tonic IV therapy is most effective when the first signs of a cold or flu appear. In these circumstances we recommend and IV to be administered on two consecutive days, with an occasional 3rd treatment needed within the same week.

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Meyers Cocktail - Power Packed IV Therapy

IV therapy is a powerful natural treatment that has been used for many decades to heal chronic conditions when conventional standards fail to help patients heal and reach their desired level of wellness.

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Understand B Vitamin IV's and IV therapy

If you have ever wondered about B Vitamins, we outline below some of the B Vitamin names as well as some of the key roles they play in improving and protecting health.

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