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Sublingual Immunotherapy - Cure for Children's Allergies

After thirty days of sublingual drops, the patient could breathe again! Once again able to enjoy life outside without the fear of losing breath. The treatment took two years to finish, but about halfway through treatment, there was no longer a need for ANY inhalers or steroids! You can imagine how thrilled the family was. They got their life back!

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Vaccinations in Santa Rosa - Waivers and Exemptions

Our doctors are leaders in the field of alternative approaches to vaccinations for children. To learn more about exemptions, waivers, vaccine schedules - please call 707-292-8882

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Subclinical Hypothyroidism - Thyroid Symptoms?

If you suspect that you are hypothyroid despite normal labs tests, consider a full evaluation at Tru Health Medicine in Santa Rosa - Sonoma County's authoritative Integrative Naturopathic Medical Clinic for “Sub-Clinical “ or “Sub-laboratory” hypothyroidism.

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Children - Fevers Colds and Flu - Dr Kimberly Hoffman

Our doctors can thoroughly examine your child and determine how significant your child's fever is, and based on this assessment can give you a supportive treatment plan to nurture and care for your child.

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