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Celebrate National Bike Month This Year by Staying Healthy

Whether you’re biking for fun, biking to work or biking to school – pumping those pedals is a great way to boost your health and protect the environment. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pasts posts about biking in the Santa Rosa Area.

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Knee Injury Symptoms, How to Diagnose Them & How to Treat Them

Tired of knee pain? A good knee pain diagnosis identifies the cause of your pain. Your doctor should take into account not only your symptoms, but your entire lifestyle and past medical history. Learn more here about knee pain and diagnosis!

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Santa Rosa - Prolotherapy Center (PRP and Prolotherapy Specialists)

Center for Prolotherapy. Santa Rosa's leading and only center for advanced prolotherapy treatments. Our doctors are highly skilled Prolotherapy specialists. Cutting edge and integrative PRP injection procedures.

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Prolotherapy - Heal Shoulder Injuries

Prolotherapy injection treatment is our specialty! PRP and dextrose prolotherapy for shoulder pain and shoulder injuries can be a great alternative to shoulder surgery.

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Ride to End AIDS - Cycling from San Francisco to LA

Tru Health Medicine helps the cyclists of team Gilead cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Santa Rosa's leading prolotherapy specialists and PRP Doctors. 707-292-8882

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Prolotherapy for Lateral Knee Pain - Dr Justin Hoffman

Dr Justin Hoffman practices prolotherapy in Santa Rosa, at Tru Health Medicine. As a prolotherapy specialist, Dr Hoffman can help to relieve your pain and get you back into life again!

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