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What is Intravenous IV Nutrient Therapy?

IV therapy can be a very powerfully effective way to optimize one's health and as a preventive care strategy. IV Drip Club in Santa Rosa. Integrative Medicine Clinic: 707-292-8882

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Weight Loss Programs in Santa Rosa - Dr. Justin Hoffman

Dr Hoffman specializes in Weight Loss and helping his patients restore their health for a vibrant and energetic future. Losing weight is an empowering process and can be exciting when done properly. Medically supervised weigh loss programs for rapid weight loss in Santa Rosa.

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Vaccinations in Santa Rosa - Waivers and Exemptions

Our doctors are leaders in the field of alternative approaches to vaccinations for children. To learn more about exemptions, waivers, vaccine schedules - please call 707-292-8882

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Prolotherapy for Knee Pain with Dr. Justin Hoffman NMD

One of the most common joint problems is "knee pain". Often this is due to knee injury of surrounding tissues, ligaments, tendons or muscles that attach to the knee, as well as the joint itself. Dr Justin Hoffman is a Prolotherapy specialist in Santa Rosa, CA.

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Hormones and Women - Jayne Kennedy Overton

Doctors estimate that like Jayne Kennedy, 5.5 million North American women suffer from Endometriosis. It is estimated that over 50% of infertile women have this condition. Dr Justin Hoffman practices medicine in Santa Rosa CA and is widely recognized as the North Bay's most skilled hormone doctor.

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