Cortisol and Weight Gain

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Weight Gain Hormone - Spiral of Death

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One of the most devastating and necessary hormones in the body is Cortisol. Cortisol is necessary for normal metabolic and hormone function and can help prevent adrenal fatigue from developing. It is also responsible and important for the following:

  • Stabilizing blood sugar- Cortisol increases the blood sugar levels during periods of acute stress. This is a survival mechanism designed to give us the energy we need to evade the threat of personal injury or in the event that we need to escape from any situation that is potentially harmful. Insulin from the Pancreas works hand in hand with Cortisol. When in proper balance, these two hormones allow our cells to maintain enough energy, especially when we are under stress - regardless of the source of the stress. When someone has what is called Adrenal Fatigue, they have been secreting excessive amounts of Cortisol in response to stress. Over time their body cannot keep up with these demands and the cortisol output is reduced.
  • Controlling Inflammation- Anytime there is inflammation in the body, it is Cortisol that plays a key role in controlling this process and preventing it from overwhelming the body. Cortisol is a key player when it comes to the oxidative stress placed on the body due to stress and it can actually prevent the negative effects of oxidative damage due in part to inflammation. Oxiative stress can lead to man y severe disease states and in this way, Cortisol is also a powerful anti-aging and health promoting hormone. In Adrenal Fatigue states, Cortisol is not present in the amounts that are necessary to prevent these conditions and the body's metabolism also can suffer.
  • Immune System Support- The immunse system is weakened when there are imbalances with Cortisol. When the levels of Cortisol are very high or very low, their immune system can become weakened. The hormone Cortisol is very closely realted to immune system responses and it directly affects the cells of the immune system responsible for keeping us healthy and protected. In Adrenal Fatigue, our immune system function can be affected, which is one of the reasons why patients that have metabolic problems such as weight gain can also have a history of recurrent infections as well as allergies.
  • Blood Vessels- When metabolic change occurs it can affect every level of our system, including our cardiovascular system. Arteries are sensitive to levels of Cortisol, and when those levels drop over time we commonly see it cause a decrease in blood pressure. This is something that can cause lightheadedness upon standing and other vasomotor problems. Cortisol imbalances can cause both low or high blood pressure changes.
  • Hormonal imbalances- The physiological changes that occur as a result of Cortisol imbalances can severe. Weight gain is one common symptom, but patients that are suffereing from Cortisol imbalances and Adrenal Fatigue are not able to maintain the body's natural stress responses. Hormone imbalances cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, arrhythmia of the heart, cancer as well as chronic problems such as diabetes....

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