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Annie's Natural Medicine Journey - Testimonial

Annie has been a patient at Tru Health Medicine for nearly 5 years and she would like to share her experiences with you:

"My name is Annie and I feel compelled to share my story with you so that you can hear that there is HOPE and that there are doctors in Santa Rosa that get results and listen to what you have to say. My journey of looking for a natural medicine doctor, or a naturopathic medical doctor, began about ten years ago. I was sitting in my Kaiser doctor's office balling, and pleading with him to please look into my thyroid and hormones, because I was miserable and needed some help. I had been doing a tremendous amount of research about how hormones can cause a lot of the issues I was dealing with , and how Thyroid problems in particular are so incredibly common. He reviewed my labs with me and told me my TSH was in range and that I should go on an anti depressant and sleeping pill! So what part of me telling him I wanted to try the most natural approach did he not understand? Apparently he told me that they do not offer natural medicine options and that there wasn't anything else he could do for me. Well, I stormed out and kept looking. After a lot of frustrating experiences bouncing from one to another so called practitioners of natural medicine that didn't help at all, I ran into long time friend of mine who passed me as I was sitting on a bench at spring lake - and yes, she was jogging with a smile. She said "Hi Annie" and at first I had no idea who she was because I didn't recognize her at all, she just looked like a spunky athletic cute girl. And then I realized it was my long time friend from high school that I hadn't seen in over 8 months, even though she lives in Santa Rosa! She started telling me about these doctors at Tru Health Medicine that are helping her with her hormones, getting her to lose weight and making her feel like she was 30 again, and all with natural medicine. I looked them up online in the Santa Rosa area and loved what I read about their philosophy and their way of treating patients from a holistic and natural perspective. I set an appointment and the rest is history. Basically, I have completely changed my life around. When I went in at the beginning I was really losing all hope that I could find a natural way to make medicine work for me instead of dreading going to the doctors office. They use natural, naturopathic, treatments and therapies that are deep acting to say the least and the thing I have loved most about the process is I feel like this is the best thing I have done for myself in nearly a decade - why? because it is a permanent change and I love the new me. If you haven't ever gone to see a doctor that specializes in Naturopathy and integrative medicine, it is really worth it. I lost weight, got my energy back naturally, feel excited about life, my relationships are better than ever, I am much more productive, I sleep better and feel sexy again! Thank you!"

- Annie 2014, Santa Rosa

The Doctors at Tru Health Medicine are Naturopathic Medical Doctors (ND, NMD) that specialize in Integrative and Natural Medicine in Santa Rosa.

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