Are you Healthy? Are you Living your Dreams?

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True Health and Living Your Dreams

Life is short. Life is precious. There are no guarantees.

Health Problems are the leading factors that prevent people from being able to live the life they dream for themselves. What are your dreams? Are you living the life you really want to be living in all possible ways?

Defining health and what it means to be healthy is a powerful process. Many of our patients will tell us that they define wellness and health as the absence of the symptoms that have been causing them problems, sometimes for many years. Symptoms are in many ways indicators of the body's systems gone awry. Most doctors and patients want to "fix" the symptoms or "fix" the illness. This is in most cases a very reductionistic and limited way of viewing health.

Most of us would like to be strong and healthy on every level; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially - which is a very noble desire. So, let me ask you this: if you were faced with a choice of being able to get rid of your symptoms and be symptom free, or being symptom free AND living your dreams, which would you chose?

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The Tremendous Power of True health

When our focus turns away from trying to "fix" our problems and towards bringing more joy, peace, pleasure, wellness, substance, fulfillment, satisfaction and meaning into our lives - miracles can happen. Things begin to shift in more powerful ways than we could have imagined possible.

What are some of the keys to bringing more health into our lives?

  • Remember that anything is possible ad most of the time we need to get out of our own way
  • Remind yourself that you have very valid and real intentions - visualize the results
  • Be the change you wish to see - utilize the tools you have and seek out the tools you need
  • Write a step by step guide for yourself of how to reach your goals and commit to the first step
  • Be active - do not be passive
  • Remember there is always hope and your dreams can be a reality!
  • When you are in alignment with your life's calling or purpose - health returns
  • Be open to new possibilities

You Have the Power to Heal and Thrive

Taking the first step on your personal health journey is a powerful accomplishment and can leave you feeling more alive and hopeful than you may have felt in a long time. Then as a natural part of the process, health returns with each step you take toward fulfilling your dreams. When health begins to return, patients will experience more connection to themselves and others, they will have more energy, better sleep and digestion, they may find that they need fewer medications, their symptoms naturally resolve and they begin to open themselves up to the healing power of true health - as defined by their own efforts and intentions.

"True Health is the Power That you Have to Live

Your Dreams Regardless of Your Circumstances"

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