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B12 - One of The Most Important Nutrients you may not be Thinking About

One of the most important nutrients to make sure you are getting enough of is B12. However, many people don't think much about it. Depending upon the latest "vitamin trends", the information we are being exposed to in the papers, on the news and in articles is usually focused on one vitamin or supplement and all others are overlooked.

There are numerous signs of possible B12 deficiency, such as
  • lack of memory and poor cognitive function
  • anemia
  • nervous system symptoms
  • lack of energy
  • premature signs of aging
  • much more

B12 is needed for healthy metabolism as well as general health. B12 is required for our blood to be healthy (preventing anemia), healthy nerve cell and nervous system signaling, DNA synthesis and to avoid the effects of early physical aging.

While it is important to maintain adequate levels of B12 in your diet, much of what we ingest in the form of supplements is passed right through our gastrointestinal tract unabsorbed. As a general rule of thumb, you can count on absorbing about 30 percent of what supplement you are taking. This is why the B12 Injections are so important. By getting an B12 injection, you are able to benefit directly and immediately, by receiving 100 percent of the vitamin dose directly into your cells. B12 injections need to be provided by your doctor.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be deficient in B12, call our office: 707-292-8882

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