Complete Guide to a Healthy 4th of July in 2018

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Fireworks. BBQs. Water balloon tosses. Corn hole races. Music. Dancing. Fourth of July in Santa Rosa is one of our favorite holidays. It’s also a holiday that can sometimes be a bit over the top, making it hard to have fun and stay on track with our health goals.

To help you maximize your 4th of July and the long weekend, we’ve compiled our top health tips for making the most out of a celebration. These include starting the day off with a fun workout, hydrating like it’s your job, and creating ways to keep your kids entertained and active.

Don't let the day's fun ruin the evening's show, by paying attention to your health throughout the day.

6 Healthy Tips to Celebrate 4th of July in Santa Rosa 

4th of July parties are a lot of fun, but they can also sometimes be a bit too much. This compilation of tips will help you make this year’s extravaganza your safest – and more fun – yet!

bike rides
Start your morning off with a long ride so you can enjoy the day's treats guilt-free.

Have You Tried These 7 Awesome Santa Rosa Rides?

Looking to start your holiday off with a workout? Santa Rosa and the surrounding towns offer some of the best rides in the region. These are seven of our favorites.

family hiking
Get the entire family out of the house and stretching their legs with these fabulous local hikes.

Our 5 Favorite Healthy Hikes Near Santa Rosa

Want a two-foot workout rather than a two-wheeled one? These are five of our favorite hikes in the Santa Rosa area, offering stunning views and lush hillsides.

Couples out to dinner
Make the 4th of July weekend your favorite to date with this healthy itinerary.

How to Spend One Perfect Day in Santa Rosa

Extending the 4th of July into an extra-long weekend, but aren’t quite sure what you’re going to do with all the free time? Turn one of your days into the perfect date with healthy treats, indulgent wine tasting, and a fabulous hike.

kids eating watermelon
How do you keep your kids entertained and active? You give them activities they want to do!

11 Healthy Spring Break Activities in Sonoma County

The kids are home for the summer and you’re not sure how you’re going to keep them entertained? These 11 activities are as good for summer break (and 4th of July weekend) as they are for spring break!

Happy woman riding bike
When you're looking to maximize your time with the perfect mix of fun and health, make sure to fit in plenty of tasty treats and heart-pounding activities.

Explore a Healthy Side of Sonoma County (Itinerary)

From farm tours and smoothies to vegan-friendly dinners and picnics in the park, the following itinerary will make this weekend the best yet.

If you find you need some help recovering from all the fun, a hydrating Vitamin IV drip delivers the nutrients you need directly into your bloodstream. Some patients have reported feeling better in as little as five minutes after a treatment.

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