Could Prolotherapy Help You Dominate the Tennis Court?

Read: Could Prolotherapy Help You Dominate the Tennis Court?

Whether you’re competing in a tennis tournament or playing a friendly match with your little brother, it always feels good to win. Unfortunately, when you’re injured and in pain, winning can be difficult. Luckily, prolotherapy can help.

Prolotherapy Can Help You Heal Naturally

Make sure you can play tennis when you want.
Prolotherapy helps you heal naturally so you're ready to hit the court whenever you want.

Injuries can affect every from your backhand and serve to your speed and agility. You may be tempted to play through the pain. Unfortunately this often leads to further damage.

And even if you give your body a rest, as we get older, it’s harder for our bodies to heal and recover. In our youth, our bodies are constantly repairing torn and damaged tissues and ligaments.

This ability to heal doesn’t disappear with old age. However, old age does diminish our body’s tendency to start the healing process. This is where prolotherapy comes into play.

Prolotherapy helps stimulate your body’s natural healing process at the site of your pain. Rather than treating your symptoms, it helps you fix what’s causing them.

A study recently published in the Clin J Sport Med., “The efficacy of prolotherapy for lateral epicondylosis,” found prolotherapy subjects experienced a significant decrease in pain. Additionally, prolotherapy subjects reported improvement in the strength and control over their hand strength.

Prolotherapy is Non-Invasive

Staying active on the tennis court.
Invasive surgery doesn't offer any guarantees.

Surgery always comes with risks. It’s a permanent, invasive step with no guarantees for success. In fact, in the British Journal of Medical Practitioners, Yili Zhou and Stephen Irwin’s article, “Back Pain: How to Avoid Surgery?” reported that:

In the USA more than 300 thousand back surgeries are performed each year. For about 10% to 39% of patients, pain may continue or even get worse after surgeries.

In comparison, prolotherapy doesn’t require cutting you open, manually altering your body or pumping you full of harmful chemicals. The process is much simpler.

A small irritant solution is injected at the site of your pain. This solution helps trigger your body’s natural response to heal the area.

Help me Heal so I can Dominate the Tennis Court!

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Prolotherapy Helped Ben Overcome His Debilitating Back Injury.

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