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Detoxification Programs - Cleanse in Santa Rosa

Many patients come to Tru Health Medicine with the desire to cleanse their bodies and organ systems through cleanses and detox programs. There are many reasons to detoxify your body and understanding the complex nature of your organ systems, is a key element in determining the most effective way to detox. While not everyone is a candidate for detox programs or cleansing products, it can be helpful to know if you are in need of detoxifying your body. Generally speaking, cleansing can be helpful for the following:

Anyone who has consumed:

    ·Processed or prepackaged foods

    ·Pre-packaged or heavily sweetened desert foods

    ·Conventional produce (non organic)

    ·Animal products that are not organic and free range (meat and pultry)

    ·Any genetically modified food

    ·Foods containing artificial sweeteners

    ·Foods containing preservatives, additives, dyes

    ·Any fast food products

    ·Food from a grill or smoked foods

    ·Coffee, alcohol, and dairy products

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The world is full of toxins that pose a threat to our health and can contribute to chronic diseases such as cancer. While most of us can do a great deal to cleanse our immediate environment of the toxic substances we may come into contact with, there are many hundreds of thousands of chemicals our bodies have never before in the history of humankind been exposed to - as a result of industrial and scientific advancements. It may be necessary to detoxify your body if:

You have been exposed to the following:

    ·Petroleum (oil industry) products

    ·Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers

    ·Hairspray, candles, air fresheners

    ·New carpet, paint, furniture or flooring

    ·Nuclear power plants

    ·Have amalgam dental fillings

    ·Household or industrial cleaning solutions or have been drinking tap water

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There is no time to waste when it comes to cleaning your body's systems and ensuring that you are functioning at your best. Preventive medicine has the ability to help you avoid health problems in the future and solve current health problems before they become much more serious issues that can have major consequences.

You may be in need of a cleanse if you are wanting more of the following:

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