Don’t Let Knee Pain Keep You From Cycling

Read: Don’t Let Knee Pain Keep You From Cycling

Cycling is thought of as the gentle sport. Next to Pilates and swimming, it’s one of the activities that’s easiest on your joints – until it’s not. It’s estimated 65% of recreational long-distance cyclists experience knee pain.

Pain can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. For some individuals, the pain caused by cycling simply keeps them off the the road. For others, it impacts their daily lives.

However, pain isn’t something you just have to live with. Prolotherapy offers a natural solution to knee pain that can help you get healthy and back to pedaling.

Knee pain can occur in a variety of locations, including:

  • In the Front of Your Knee – The front of your knee is primarily comprised of your kneecap (aka patella). Your patella tendon attaches your quad muscle to your shin. When you are pedaling extremely hard, your quads place a significant amount of pressure on your patella tendon, which can cause pain.  
  • Behind Your Knee – Experiencing pain behind your knee is much less common than in the front. Generally, pain behind your knee is attributed to over-extending your knee while pedaling.
  • Pain on the Inside of Your Knee – Pain on the inside of your knee is typically caused when the collateral ligaments are stressed. This is typically occurs when there is too much or too little “float” in your pedals. Float is what allows your feet to move some while you are clipped in. When you aren’t clipped in enough, your legs can pedal in unnatural ways.
  • Pain on the Outside of Your Knee – Pain on the outside of your knee is typically caused when your iliotibial (IT) band becomes inflamed. Like pain on the inside of your knee, this is often caused by misaligned cleats.

Prolotherapy Helps Your Body Heal Naturally

Knee pain from cycling is often treated with oral painkillers or cortisone injections. Unfortunately, these solutions only mask the pain. Your body experience pain for a reason. By masking it, you can often cause more damage.

Prolotherapy helps trigger your body’s natural healing process. Injecting a small amount of irritant into the surrounding areas signals to your body to heal the area. This can reduce pain and stimulate the growth of the muscles, ligaments, and surrounding tissue.

Get Back in the Saddle

Ready to kiss your knee pain goodbye and get back to what you love doing most – riding? Schedule a consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors today.

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