Have You Googled “How I Finally Lost Weight”?

Read: Have You Googled “How I Finally Lost Weight”?

Let’s make no bones about it. Losing weight is tough. There’s no magic pill that makes inches melt from your waist or sheds pounds from your bum.

If you’ve Googled, “How I finally lost weight,” you’ve probably noticed a few trends among those who saw success.

1. They made lifestyle changes. It’s said that doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. In many ways this saying is right. When it comes to weight loss, the difference between those who start fad diets and those who actually lose weight is often about who makes lifestyle changes. You’re not going to fit into that little black dress by continuing to regularly nosh on pizza and beer. Achieving the health you want does indeed require you to make some changes to your lifestyle.

2. They found exercises they enjoyed. Every weight loss journey is unique. And yes, there are some folks who shed pounds without working out. But, the majority of individuals who are able to achieve the healthy lifestyle they want, do so by incorporating regular exercise into their life in a way they enjoy. This doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. You might find you love walking, cardio kickboxing or dance classes. The point is to find a physical activity that brings you joy.

3. They don’t go it alone. Trying to lose weight all by yourself is a hard road to hoe. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what the healthy choice is. Other times you need someone in your corner to cheer you on and celebrate your successes. Asking for help and working with a professional doesn’t make you weak. It makes you smart.

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