Hormones and Cholesterol

Cholesterol and Hormone Imbalances

In today's world hormone imbalances are more common than ever.  Luckily, there are many natural treatments for restoring hormone balance.  However when it comes to diet and hormones, many important facts are often overlooked.  Did you know that cholesterol is actually used in the body to make hormones?  Did you know that without enough cholesterol in your diet and your body, you can develop hormone imbalances?

Cholesterol is actually a hormone!  Actually some physicians refer to cholesterol as the "mother of all hormones".  Unfortunately, the outdated notion that a fat free diet is "good for you", remains common.  Interestingly enough, weight gain is associated with high glycemic index foods and the consumption of refined carbohydrates and excess sugars - not fats!

Statin drugs are commonly prescribed for high cholesterol, and while it is very important to maintain a healthy lab value for cholesterol, there are many ways to restore the healthy balance of fats within the body that will assist your body in naturally regulating your cholesterol. Medications can be critical when they are absolutely necessary and luckily there are many ways to help prevent heart disease and hormonal imbalances naturally without the need for pharmaceutical interventions.  Did you know that research shows cholesterol is actually NOT a factor in heart disease?  Millions of people each year die of heart attacks, even with low lab values for cholesterol!

Every person is different and thus, every treatment plan is different.  In order to determine what is the most effective way to balance your hormones and improve your diet medically, you need to be evaluated by a functional medicine doctor, specializing in integrative and naturopathic medicine.

Remember, hormones are at the center of many preventable diseases and conditions such as:

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