Hormones and Mitochondria

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Dr Mark Burger a local expert pharmacist and owner of Health First Pharmacy, is respected the world around for his contributions to the field of pharmacy as well as the field of clinical medicine. The breadth of his experiences, spanning more than 30 years, give him unique insights into the world of medications and how they interact within the human body. Here is what he shared about Mitochondria:

"I’ve been reading a lot about MITOCHONDRIA recently. I think it’s the Go To for overall health and longevity (along with hormone balance).

Turns out, unbeknownst to me, that the MITOCHONDRIA are Ground Zero for hormone biosynthesis and hormone health. Who knew?

When your mitochondria are damaged by oxidative stress (that’s why you produce less Testosterone as you age … d’oh!) both E and T protect the mitochondria from age damage (It’s a 2-way street, evidently). Your BRAIN MITOCHONDRIA are affected by hormones. You gotta have THYROID hormone for your mitochondria to work properly.

Post-menopausal OBESITY and INSULIN RESISTANCE might be due to skeletal muscle mitochondrial DYSFUNCTION caused by a drop in ESTROGEN LEVELS!

[yeah. you thought estrogen was making you fat, right?]

Depressed CARDIAC MITOCHONDRIAL ESTROGENS corresponds to a decrease in cardiac fxn after trauma or MI or hemorrhage [ergo: Don’t stop HRT in the CCU!]

Remember Dr. Pamela Wharton Smith telling us she mandates her HRT patients get a bottle of B-vitamins with every refill of HRT? Well, we should be selling a bottle of CoQ-10 with every HRT script, too IMHO!! [50-100 mg PO BID w/food]"

Dr Burger, the owner of "Health First Pharmacy" in Windsor offers consultations, and can be reached by calling: 707-837-7948



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