Hormones of Happiness

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Hormones of Happiness

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After many years of practicing medicine, our doctors have developed a strong interest in the physiology of happiness and how hormones can impact our perceptions of the world around us, and how we integrate all of those perceptions into an experience we call reality - and furthermore how we can create an experience that is based in ongoing happiness. Health and longevity don't exist without happiness....

So how do we create positivity and joy in our lives? How do our hormones effect our happiness?

1. Dopamine

This neurotransmitter drives your brain’s reward system. If you congratulated by your loved one for being the most amazing partner imaginable, or praised for being the most amazing cook - ever.... you will have a surge of dopamine. This is something that we all crave and seek....the feeling of happiness or well being. Because we want to be happy, we seek out the experiences that cause us to have a surge of Dopamine.... And here is the kicker - it isn't the same for everyone. Each individual, with their own unique family history, medical history and personal story seeks pleasure and happiness through the surges of Dopamine that we experience. This is what we call the "pleasure seeking behavior". We encourage you to reset your relationship with the things that you seek for pleasure and happiness - are they bringing you more health? Are they serving you? For example, too much alcohol can cause liver disease as well as other medical problems, and yet millions of Americans go to alcohol for just about any reason imaginable to "let down". If alcohol causes liver inflammation, hormone imbalances, weight gain and other problems, it is generally not considered a healthy habit - despite the pleasure experience in the moment. Healthy habits like taking supplements may not give you an immediate surge of pleasure, but they will keep you healthy and able to make clear choices that are in your best interest. As a side note, we often have patients come into our clinic for IV infusions of nutrients that can help to alleviate symptoms after a late night or any over-indulgent social event.

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2. Serotonin

This neuro-transmiter is a powerful regulator of key functions like maintaining your mood, helping to maintain a healthy appetite as well as regulating your sleep. Did you know that 90% of all Serotonin is found in your GI tract? So when we see any patient that are suffereing with mood problems or if they are not feeling as happy as they once did, we often will do a thorough evaluation of their GI function. Often times, improving GI function can dramatically impact their mood, sleep as well as..... hold onto your seat.... their thyroid function....

Serotonin is most widely known in the conventional medical setting, due to the effects of SSRI's (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors). These medications are prescribed for depression and they directly increase the brain’s serotonin levels, but often times at a cost. There are many natural ways to boost Serotonin levels such as:

  • Lipotropic Injections that contain Inositol. Inositol, belongs to the B vitamin nutrient family and is closely associated with Choline in the body. It improves the body's metabolism of fats and also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Inositol plays a role in the action of serotonin, a well known neurotransmitter involved in the body's ability to control mood and appetite.
  • Regular exercise can increase serotonin levels
  • Healthy gastrointestinal function
  • Losing weight can help to promote more well balanced neurotransmitter levels

Serotonin enhancing lipotropic injections of amino acids and vitamins

3. Oxytocin

Are you ready for deep, bonding, powerful happiness and love? This hormone is classified as a neurotransmitter as well. Often dubbed the "hormone of love", it has been used in many clinical trials which have shown its effects on bonding, as well as how participants rated their overall satisfaction with life, much higher through use of oxytocin. Oxytocin has been used therapeutically to help couples in strained marriages facilitate a closer sense of love and connection. It has also been used in some families to help their autistic children develop more of a sense of personal connection to their family and surroundings.
One of the major disruptors of normal Oxytocin release is any type of stress that our body experiences; emotional, work related, physical, etc... So, improving one's ability to manage stress in whatever way possible, can literally impact every area of their life, relationships and work. Remember to be kind to one another and spend lots of time with the people you love, you will improve your health by doing that one thing!

Stress - the silent killer.... are you Tired?

4. Estrogen and Progesterone

There are over 400 functions for estrogen in a woman's body. From maintaining bone density to supporting healthy cardiac function and brain health, estrogen is responsible for keeping women vital throughout life and it is the decline of hormones which is responsible for most of the unpleasant side effects of peri-menopause and menopause. Sleep helps ensure that when you wake up in the morning you are well rested and hormone decline can cause insomnia... Most people are not very happy when they don't get to sleep. Hormone imbalances can cause women to feel like they are on fire and drowning at the same time... Most women are not very happy when they are constantly suffering with hot flashes and night sweats all night long! Ensuring the proper balance of progesterone and Estrogen can ensure that you are anxiety free, sleeping well, not suffering from the sweats and flashes, as well as improve your metabolism and prevent weight gain. Hormonal imbalances can occur earlier in life as a result of chronic stress, illness, environmental exposures to toxins and improper medical care.

Women and hormonal imbalances

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Disclaimer: This web post is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions or diseases. If you are unhappy, please see your doctor and consider the power of laughter as well as the healing power of a child's smile.

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