Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

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Do you have hot flashes and night sweats?

Fee like you have a fire burning within your body? Are you waking up drenched at night, soaked sheets and clothes? Waking up and feeling exhausted because of the tossing and turning?

You are not alone!

For some women, hot flashes can be very intense and can interfere with quality of life, ability to live a normal day to day life, and can leave a woman feeling very frustrated and at their wits end.

It is very common for women with hormone imbalances to experience hot flashes and night sweats - even during the day. For many decades doctors believed that these symptoms were merely a result of too little estrogen. Our doctors find that hot flashes are very commonly associated with the following:

Dr Hoffman's Position Statement on BHRT

Maintaining the delicate balance of all the female hormones is very challenging for women as they go through their midlife changes. There are however many things that can be done to help make this empowering time for women feel amazing rather than awful.

Empower yourself

One of the key elements of balancing hormones for women is the resulting ability to feel empowered and vital. Although it can feel as though the symptoms of hormone imbalance can be random, when we encourage patients to listen to their bodies and focus on the subtle symptoms that they notice, women can identify their hormone triggers!

What are hormone triggers?

The circumstances within which a woman experiences hot flash symptoms can be very revealing and often helps to get to the bottom of what is causing her problems. Some of the things we encourage women to track as they keep their symptom diary include (but are not limited to):

  • What was the time of day when your symptoms occurred?
  • What was consumed the hour prior to experiencing your symptoms?
  • Were there any unusual events that took place that day?
  • Did you experience a stressful situation in the hours preceding your symptoms?
  • Did you get enough sleep last night?
  • Were you able to get exercise today and if so how intense was it?
  • Did you make any additions of supplements or medications this week?
  • What did you do to make yourself feel better? Did it work?

What women find is that after a period of time, there are often patterns that develop that can point to certain triggering events. This is one very easy way to begin to investigate the cause of hormonal symptoms and hot flashes. While there are many complicated causes of hormone related symptoms and night sweats, sometimes the causes are simple and easy to remedy.

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Some of the triggers that cause hormone related symptoms such as hot flashes include (but are not limited to):

  • Toxic exposures
  • Foods containing alot of spices
  • Refined sugars in the diet or high carbohydrate meals
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Oral estrogens
  • Arguments and emotional stress
  • Fatigue exhaustion
  • Lack of exercise or too much of the wrong exercise
  • Improper medications from other providers prescribing hormones without the experience necessary

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