Immune Tonic IV - Are you ready for flu season?

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Prepare yourself for the upcoming cold and flu season.

Immune system function and IV therapy will be discussed below. Our immune systems are tested every year, especially as the season turns from warm to cold. Viruses that are opportunistic take advantage of our lessened immunity and can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Immune system boosting IV therapies are a very effective and gentle way to decrease your chance of getting the flu or other illnesses that can otherwise leave you down and out. What are some of the things during the cold season that you can do to help boost your immunity?

Keys for boosting immune system function

  • Manage your stress effectively - did you know that the hormones released during stress can actually decrease your immunity and leave you vulnerable? Deep breathing, yoga, laughing and any other activity that helps you "decompress" and de-stress is something that should be a daily part of your ant-stress plan through the cold and flu season.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet - eating well gives your body and more specifically your immune system the nutrients it needs to mount a healthy and ongoing response to any foreign invaders that are looking for the right place to take hold (like bacteria and viruses).
  • Drink plenty of water - staying hydrated can actually improve and maintain healthy immune system function and gives your body the ability to "flush out" the debris that results from combating infections. Staying hydrated also helps to remove toxins from the extra-cellular environment which can interfere with cell to cell communication.
  • Get enough sleep - adequate sleep is essential for healthy immune function and keeps our body's strength up so we can get through the days, weeks and months ahead without succumbing to a weakened immune system.
  • Getting IV therapy is the single most influential therapy for boosting immune function through the flu season. An example of an immune boosting IV is the Tru Meyers Coctail.

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Doing these things mentioned above is absolutely a smart way to prepare for the coming flu. However, doing everything we can to prepare can often not be enough to prevent our body's vulnerabilities to infections and the flu. The doctors at Tru Health Medicine like to offer our patients alternatives to the flu vaccine and often will recommend treatments that are aimed at helping to prevent infection. These treatments can also improve the immune system's function so that if an infection does occur, the symptoms are less severe and it takes less time to recover.

One very powerful form of preventive treatment for the flu is intravenous (IV) therapy which actually allows the patient to receive a powerful mix of of immune-stimulating vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. These nutrients are a power packed way to help combat both acute and chronic illness.

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Vitamin C IV therapy and B Vitamins are powerful nutrients for immune support. Vitamin C is a widely used and very important component of most IV immune formulas at Tru Health Medicine. Research has shown that within 24 hours of the onset of a cold or flu, vitamin C levels within our immune cells declines significantly. This is widely believed to be due to the increased utilization of vitamin C during the body's response to the bacterial or viral infection. This is one of the reasons why our doctors find that there is a greater need for consistent replenishment of vitamin C during the flu season.

Studies comparing IV administration of nutrients like Vitamin C, to oral use of vitamin C have discovered that when given in higher concentrations through IV, the body can more effectively and consistently shortened the duration of illness and decreased symptom severity (less severe malaise, fever, fatigue and chills).

An IV visit entails treatment provided in an IV suite, while reclining back in a comfortable lounger, as a physician gently administers a formula of nutrients directly into one’s vein. Depending on the amount of solution used, the physician may slowly “push” the nutrients into the vein, or, in the case of larger volumes of fluid, the solution “drips” into the vein via sterile tubing. Treatment times range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Overall the treatment is a relaxing process and many people feel immediate improvement of symptoms by the end of the treatment.

How Many IVs are Needed?

Our Doctors review each patient's medical history and labs to determine what their needs are as well as the necessary frequency of IV administration*.

Immune Tonic IV therapy is most effective when the first signs of a cold or flu appear. In these circumstances we recommend and IV to be administered on two consecutive days, with an occasional 3rd treatment needed within the same week.

Generally speaking, some of the patients that are seen at our IV clinic are chronically unwell and others are acutely sick. It is common for patients to need a "jump-start" series of IV's that consist of high concentrations of nutrients to get them on the path to true health and vitality. These IV's can often be recommended once a week for a period of several months, depending upon the person and the specifics of their health needs. At other times, we have patient's that are dedicated to their preventive health plan and on an ongoing basis come in for anti-aging and general health producing effects of IV's on a monthly basis.

*IV therapy is not appropriate for patients with certain specific health conditions. Screening lab work is often required to approve a patient for receiving IV therapy treatments.

To set up an IV therapy appointment to boost your immune system, call 707-292-8882

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