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Keto Diet (ketogenic diet)

Weight loss can happen in a healthy way or in an unhealthy way.  We see patients after they have tried everything "out there" and are ready for a real change.  We offer safe, effective and healthy options for encouraging your body and metabolism to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.  The Keto Diet is an example of the many natural weight loss methods we employ at Tru Health Medicine in Santa Rosa.

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet (aka "keto diet") when done correctly, is done under medical supervision by a doctor that is a specialist in  weight loss.   The program itself puts the body in a state of nutritional ketosis.  In ketosis, the body is burning fat (either body fat or fat that you eat) for daily "fuel".

Most of us in this modern society eat a high carb diet, which gives our body plenty (if not too much) glucose (sugar), either as sugar directly or as a bi-product of carbohydrate metabolism.  The body burns glucose for fuel and while ultimately it is necessary for the body to have glucose to perform cellular functions, there are many health related problems with having too much glucose or too many carbs in the diet.

Generally speaking the body can store roughly 2000 calories of "glucose energy", in the form of glycogen, in any one moment.  This is the preferred energy source of carb-addicts that are struggling with weight gain and not able to lose weight. This form of energy is utilized by the body for "rapid energy" and once it is depleted, you can have a blood sugar crash, or experience "hypoglycemia" (cyclists call this "bonking").  When the body has to contend with too much sugar and carbohydrates over time, it causes Insulin to be released in greater concentrations than is metabolically ideal, which can lead to "insulin resistance" and weight gain, when the body takes all of the excess sugar and stores it as FAT. 

The take home message here: Sugar and carbs are stored as FAT, and this is the most important contributor to weight gain from a dietary perspective.

Additionally, excess glucose in the blood stream can create major problems and increase risk of some very serious diseases including diabetes.

How does the Keto Diet work?

Patients are put through a program where they are directed to remove carbohydrates and eat moderate protein and higher levels of fat.  This causes insulin levels to drop as a result of the body's total glucose burden being decreased overall. When insulin is within normal ranges, the body is able to function in a way that allows for fat to be burned for fuel within the liver (ketosis). Within this "keto zone",the body is able to burn fat as a result of the lower insulin levels.

What are Ketones?

Ketones are essential fatty acids and are produced as a byproduct of burning fat. We are actually "hard wired", from an evolutionary point of view, to be in a state of metabolic ketosis - for survival. In fact we are born in a state of ketosis, believe it or not.  In the Paleolithic period of our human development, we lived on high levels of animal protein and fat (from what we could catch or hunt) as well as what we could gather (including plants, nuts, and fruits).  Our modern society and habitual over indulgence in carbohydrates is at the core of our weight gain epidemic, and correcting this problem as well as its negative effects on our metabolism is the secret to lasting weight maintenance and overall health.  

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But Wait - There is Hope!!

Your body, like we mentioned earlier, is hardwired to use fat for fuel, and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. So it is possible to become "keto adapted" once again!  The process takes approximately 12-14 weeks to go through the first phase of "keto adaptation", then we provide our patients with a long term maintenance plan for implementing a strategy for long term keto adaptation and metabolic balance.

Many of our patients find that once they are keto adapted, their energy skyrockets with its new metabolic pathway for sourcing energy.  They are able to utilize their stored fat reserves as a source of energy - the way it should be!  In fact the body is able to balance blood sugars and can even skip meals without the danger of becoming hypoglycemic.  Did you know that many athletes around the world perform extraordinary feats while they are fasting?  How do they do that?  Through keto adaptation.  As long as the body can effectively burn fat for fuel, you are good to go!

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Our weight loss doctors in Santa Rosa specialize in life changing programs to help you achieve your goals of feeling well and getting back to your sense of self and vitality.  If you are interested in learning more about keto weight loss, keto adaptation, keto diet information in Santa Rosa, call us to set up a consultation with the doctor to have your questions answered.  We look forward to helping you!

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