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Remarkable Ways Your Liver Protects Your Body

To say your liver is essential to your well-being is putting it mildly. The liver has a beast of job. It’s responsible for multiple different essential functions to your overall health. 

But like a machine, it can become clogged over time from the harmful chemicals it’s designed to process. A liver detox can help you cleanse this organ, helping it resume its normal function.

Healthy Diet
Even those with the healthiest of diets are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins throughout their normal daily life.


How The Liver Protects Your Body

Simply put, your liver helps your body regulate the chemicals within your blood. Some of these chemicals are good, such as nutrients and medications that need to be broken down and absorbed.

Other chemicals are harmful. Throughout the normal course of your daily life, your body comes into contact with a variety of environmental pollutants and manmade toxins. These need to be flushed from your body. 

Your liver helps you do both of these things and more! Among the list of your liver’s responsibilities, you’ll find: 

  • Breaking down old red blood cells. When old or damaged red blood cells persist in the body they can damage your kidney, cause you to develop anemia, and reduce the amount of oxygen delivered to your extremities.
  • Processing nutrients so they can be absorbed. Even the most highly functioning digestive systems are typically only capable of absorbing 20% of the vitamins and nutrients you consume orally. If your liver doesn’t help break them down, this absorption rate drops substantially.
  • Helping your blood clot. Clotting isn’t just important for a major cut. It protects your body from losing excess blood when you sustain even a minor scrape or bruise. If your blood doesn’t clot, you could bleed internally or develop an infection.
  • Ridding your body of chemicals. This isn’t just about metabolizing alcohol. Though, the liver certainly helps you do that. As your body comes into contact with chemicals throughout your daily life, the liver helps filter those chemicals from your blood stream.


Harmful Effects of Toxins in the Liver

As we mentioned above, toxins don’t just enter your liver through the cocktails you consume on a Friday night. While alcohol can certainly damage your liver, your body also incurs a wide variety of toxins by simply drinking water and breathing air. 

High levels of toxins also enter the liver through many of the foods commonly consumed today. Processed foods (such as those found at fast food restaurants and convenience stores) are particularly high in toxins. You want to stay away from foods that contain hydrogenated oils and refined sugar.

Fast food full of chemicals.
Highly processed food, such as burgers from a fast food chain, contain high levels of chemicals that can become trapped in your liver.

Because even the healthiest among us can suffer from impaired liver function. And this can cause:  

  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Intense constipation
  • Dark and smelly urine
  • Excessive sweating
  • Decreased appetitive
  • Bruising
  • Inability to heal
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rosacea
  • Depression

Help Your Liver Function Properly with a Liver Detox

A liver detox helps flush your liver of any harmful chemicals that have built up overtime.

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