Looking for a surgery-free alternative to alleviate back pain?

Read: Looking for a surgery-free alternative to alleviate back pain?

Back pain can be debilitating. It can make it hard to stand, sit, walk, and even sleep.

It is the second most common cause for lost time at work. The 2016 study, ‘Low Back Pain and Sciatica,’ estimates low back pain is responsible for $28 billion in productivity losses annually in the U.S. alone.

Too often, those who suffer from back pain resort to painkillers, surgery or both. These solutions put them in danger of suffering from addiction and continued pain. Your back is an incredibly delicate part of the body. Surgery is a risky solution at best. Luckily, prolotherapy offers a surgery-free solution to back pain.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a non-invasive procedure.The process involves making small injections to treat injuries to the connective tissues of the musculoskeletal system. The injections cause a small inflammation at the injection site. This inflammation triggers a natural healing process that strengthens torn and injured soft tissue.

How Long Has the Practice of Prolotherapy Existed?

The first accounts of prolotherapy date back more than 100 years. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that prolotherapy protocols formalized by George Hackett. A general surgeon in the U.S., he outlined the core principle that:

A relatively small volume of an irritant or sclerosing solution is injected at sites on painful ligament and tendon insertions, and in adjacent joint space over the course of several treatment sessions.

How Effective is Prolotherapy?

Despite the practice being over 100 years old, some doctors still scoff at it and many insurance providers won’t cover it. But as more and more patients find relief, its popularity continues to grow. Laura Johannes reports in her Wall Street Journal article, ‘A Pinch of Sugar for Pain,’ that, “the procedure is being performed by a growing number of physicians, and has even gained adherents at institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School.”

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How Quickly Does Prolotherapy Relieve Back Pain?

How quickly patients notice the benefits of prolotherapy varies from patient to patient. While some have noticed relief after just one visit, most patients begin to notice a difference after a series of 3 or 4 visits spread out over a period of weeks.

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Prolotherapy Helped Ben Overcome His Debilitating Back Injury.

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