Lose Weight Long Term with Tru Health

Read: Lose Weight Long Term with Tru Health

Most of us know carrying extra pounds isn’t great for our health. It’s hard on our heart and it’s hard on our joints. But, losing weight can be tough. The majority of weight loss plans involve radical diets and an unrealistic amount of exercise.

While participants might see results initially, the plans are typically not sustainable. They can quickly cause a yo-yo effect, where participants lose weight only to gain it back and then some.

At Tru Health in Santa Rosa, our naturopathic doctors don’t believe in the quick-fix diet fads. We believe in helping you achieve long-term success. This is why we developed a medically supervised approach to weight loss that helps you lose weight and keep it off for good.

This safe approach to weight loss works with your body’s hormones to boost your metabolism and increase your overall energy levels.

With guidance from our naturopathic doctors, we’ll help you incorporate lifestyle modifications, develop a nutrition plan that meets your specific needs, and balance your hormones to improve your metabolism.

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Your weight loss plan is created specifically for your unique needs and goals. It might include one or all of the following services:

IV Drip Therapy

When your body is missing key vitamins and minerals, it slips into survival mode. This can cause you to feel sluggish and irritable. It can make you feel hungry, hold on to excess weight, and experience increased symptoms of depression. WithIV Drip Therapy, you are able to quickly and easily give your body what it needs to thrive.

hCG Diet & Weight Loss Guidance

When it comes to making the right decision for your health, knowledge is half the battle. Our naturopathic doctors work closely with each patient to outline a specialized dietary and lifestyle guideline designed to help you feel nourished and satisfied.

B12 Injections

Even the healthiest digestive systems only absorb approximately 20 percent of the vitamins and nutrients ingested orally. This means the other 80 percent simply get flushed through your system. With aB12 injection, you’re able to bypass your digestive system altogether and give your body what it needs immediately.

Hormone Balancing

Hormones tell your body how to function. They regulate your blood sugar and control your energy levels. They play an essential role in how your body heals and how it functions. And, hormones control your metabolism. When your hormones aren’t balanced correctly, the messages sent from your brain to the rest of your body get disrupted. Our bioidentical hormone therapy helps you replace these key hormones with synthetic ones which can drastically reduce, if not eliminate, your symptoms.

Whole Food Nutrition

Prepackaged food is typically filled with harmful chemicals, high levels of fat, and a shocking amount of sodium. More importantly to note, prepackaged food is devoid of the real nutrition found in healthy, fresh food prepared the way our bodies need it. Our bodies haven’t developed to become dependent on such highly processed calories. We care healthy fuel, filled with vitamins and minerals. This is why at Tru Health we are proponents of whole food nutrition. We believe in fueling our bodies with fresh, organic nutrients that are delicious and nutritious.

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