Low Testosterone in Men - "Low T"

Testosterone is something that has been getting a lot of attention over the last several years.

Many studies suggest that it is common for men with low testosterone to go untreated. Bioidentical hormone therapies can help to raise testosterone levels and make a difference in a man's quality of life.

Around the age of 35, men begin a gradual and steady decline in to hormone depletion.

This is a gradual process and most men don't notice the effects until their testosterone is very low.

Some of the common symptoms that men may experience include the following:

  • weight gain
  • fatigue
  • muscle loss
  • depression
  • decreased sex drive
  • low self confidence
  • apathy
  • less motivation
  • less interest in or excitement for life
  • irritability
  • decrease in muscle tome or strength

There is strong evidence suggesting that low testosterone can contribute to several chronic medical conditions such as:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • depression
  • erectile dysfunction
  • and possibly cardiovascular disease

Building bones and muscles, is something testosterone is needed for. Healthy bones and toned muscles is something that is important for men as they age. Hormone replacement therapy can be very helpful in revitalizing your sex life. Replenishing testosterone back to the body’s ideal physiologic levels, may help to decrease the likelihood of developing these conditions. Low testosterone levels can be corrected in most cases with either gels, creams, pellets, or injections. Dr Hoffman personalizes each treatment for the patients specific needs and closely monitors for efficacy and response to treatment.

Generally speaking, most men report improvements in energy, mood, sexual performance, confidence, self-esteem, and an overall sense of well-being within three to six weeks of testosterone therapy. Other benefits of hormone therapy include:

  • Increased mental & physical energy
  • A decrease in feelings of irritability, sadness, nervousness
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved sex drive & sexual performance
  • Increased lean body mass
  • A decrease in fat mass
  • Increased muscle strength & endurance

If you have been experiencing the symptoms of decreasing testosterone, hormone replacement therapy could help you get your life back.

At Tru Health Medicine, we are medical professionals who specialize in anti-aging and hormone therapy. Dr Hoffman is an age management specialist that has taken a personal interest in the treatment of andropause and menopause patients. Through a detailed consultation and laboratory testing Dr. Hoffman will design a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

To learn more, or to schedule a 10 minute consultation with the doctor, please call:707-292-8882

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