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Tru Myers’ Cocktail


IV therapy is a powerful natural treatment that has been used for many decades to heal chronic conditions when conventional standards fail to help patients heal and reach their desired level of wellness.

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There are many forms of IV's that are used by our doctors, including:

While it is true that some of the less informed may dismiss this form of therapy as just a trend or part of the "new age" health craze, we have seen this therapy transform patient's lives in profound ways.

One of the most commonly recommended IV's is called the Tru Meyer's Cocktail. This IV treatment is a combination of B Vitamins, Vitamin C and other micronutrients that have powerful healing properties. The original version of this IV was developed by a doctor by the name of John Myers over 50 years ago.

We offer an expanded and cutting edge version of this old recipe. We see many benefits to patients that receive this treatment including:

  • Less risk of asthma
  • Fewer migraines
  • Improvements in energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Improvements in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Decrease in the number of fibromyalgia related symptoms
  • More rapid healing from upper respiratory tract infections
  • Resolution of chronic sinusitis
  • Improvement in seasonal allergies
  • Better adrenal and thyroid function
  • Improved hormone balance
  • Less systemic inflammation

The Yale school of medicine recently conducted a study of its own on the Meyers' cocktail IV which evidenced that these IVs are able to do the following:

-reduce tender points in patient's with fibromyalgia

-reduce pain

-improve depression

-improve quality of life after treatments

IV magnesium has been researched and shown to help with acute asthma and headaches of various types (see notes 1 and 2). Intellectual functions, memory, emotional well being, and overall communication skills in people with dementia have all been shown to improve with IV B12 (see note 3). Vitamin C has also been widely shown to improve immune function and has been demonstrated in clinical trials to decrease tumor markers in 77% of prostate cancer patients and 73% of breast cancer patients (see note 4).

IV therapy treatments must be administered by primary care doctors that have the required advanced training in the specialty of micronutrient therapy. In California, naturopathic medical doctors (ND, NMD) are required to undergo highly specialized training in this field to be able to offer this therapy. Their training includes a stringent examination process, in the use of IV nutrient therapy.

Depending on the unique patient's needs as well as their specific medical condition being treated and the nutrients used, treatment protocols for IV therapy normally call for a series of infusions dosed at least once a week and up to four times per week. The interval between treatments can then be gradually increased, and eventually the injections are no longer necessary. Some patients may require regular injections on an ongoing basis in order to control their medical problems. In such cases, continued IV therapy may be necessary because a disease state is too advanced to be reversible. Periodic use of IV therapy may also be encouraged for healthy people in order to prevent disease, and increase energy and well-being.

To schedule an appointment for IV micronutrient therapy at Tru Health Medicine,

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