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Natural Flu Shot and Prevention Tips

No doubt about it, it’s a bad flu year. Health officials are calling it the worst flu season in over a decade. The virus is worse than usual, more people are getting sick than usual, there is less than a 10% chance that the vaccine is target correctly for this years virus, some are unable to get it because of vaccine shortages, and many folks decline the vaccine because of safety concerns.

Interested in knowing 8 of Dr Hoffman's natural Flu prevention tips?

Tip Number 1

  • Dr. Hoffman's Natural flu prevention shot - a mix of powerful and therapeutic vitamins, amino acids and nutrients designed to give your body a strong defense against the Flu!

Tip Number 2

  • Probiotics help improve immunity and prevent infection.  Probiotics by Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete, 25B CFU per day mixed strains.

Tip Number 3

  • Wash your hands before anything goes into your mouth. Hand washing with soap that contains a natural, essential oil based hand sanitizer of : cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon oils with pure aloe vera gel and water). This is something that you can easily make at home!

Tip Number 4

Dr Hoffman's Flu Prevention Tea 

  • Yarrow (1 part)
  • Elder flowers (1 part)
  • Peppermint (1 part)
  • Rose Hips (1/4 part)

To prepare: Mix equal parts of the dried herbs. Pour 2 cups of near boiling water over 2 Tbsp herbs. Steep 10 minutes. Strain. Add some honey or maple syrup – lowers the fever, makes you sweat, eases headache and joint pain.  Dr Hoffman has seen this help to decrease the severity and duration of Flu infections.  Drink 1/4 cup every hour, while awake.

Tip Number 5

  • Vitamin D3 to keep blood test levels above 50 ng/dl.  Dr. Hoffman can easily test your Vit D levels to make sure you are getting the correct dose to optimize your blood levels.

Tip Number 6


  • Finally when someone comes down with the first flu symptoms – headache, scratchy throat, malaise.
  • What to do- Put on flannel PJ’s, drink the hot tea mentioned earlier (8-12 oz), get under the covers and sweat yourself to sleep. This can help you get back on your feet.

Tip Number 7

Homeopathic Remedies

  • Mucococccinum and Oscillococcinum - taken together once a day for 14 days at the first sign of any symptoms, or if exposed to others with the flu.

 Tip Number 8

  • Plenty of Echinacea root. Dr Hoffman uses a product with Echinacea and two other flu specific herbs to help improve immune function.  Dr. Hoffman's initial dose is 2.5 g/day in tablet form, or 5 mL of liquid. This year, due to the virulent strain that is moving around the country, Dr. Hoffman doubles that baseline dose throughout the duration of threat for prevention. Then the trick is to temporarily double or triple this if you feel an infection coming on to ward it off. This works for our patients much of the time.

**Although there are many general approaches that one can take to avoid the flu, the best preparation plan requires an individualized approach to keeping the flu at bay.  Everyone is different and the plans that Dr. Hoffman designs will vary from person to person.

To learn more about natural Flu prevention call: 707-292-8882

The information contained in this post is not meant to be construed as medical advice and is not intended to cure or treat any disease or condition.  Please seek the advice of your Naturopathic Doctor before initiating any treatments.  This post is for educational purposes only.

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