How to Get Over the Flu Naturally

Read: How to Get Over the Flu Naturally

Does it seem like this is one of the worst flu seasons in years? That’s because it is. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported this flu season is “above the system-specific epidemic threshold.

It’s highly likely you or someone you know is sick, has been sick or will get sick. And being sick is the worst. So in the event you do get the flu, wallow a little. Because that’s what you do when you’re sick. But, also give yourself the best chance to get healthy and stay healthy.

There are still four months of flu season left. (It typically runs from October through May.) Use the following tips to help your body heal naturally.

7 Natural Flu Remedies

1. Drip IV

When it comes to getting sick, the real danger isn’t typically the flu itself. It’s the secondary infections. These secondary infections are able to take such a deep hold over your body because sickness depletes you of fluids, vitamins, and nutrients – the essentials your immune system needs.

This is why the most important time to get an IV Vitamin drip is when you’re actually sick. IV vitamin drips are a natural way to fight the stomach flu. They instantly help with hydration. Plus, they deliver many of the key nutrients you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

This natural boost to your immune system can cut down your recovery time by as much as half. Additionally, it can help you get rid of the flu for good, so that symptoms don’t flare up again and again.

Ultra-fast acting, some patients report feeling better within minutes of finishing their IV vitamin drip.

2. Sleep

Whether you’re interested in flu prevention tips or natural flu remedies, we can’t stress the importance of sleep enough. Sleep is when your body heals. When you don’t get enough sleep, your putting yourself at serious risk.

The University of Washington Health Sciences and UW Medicine recently published “Chronic sleep deprivation suppresses immune system” in Science Daily. The study looked at identical twins with differing sleep habits. It revealed that ‘the twin with shorter sleep duration had a depressed immune system, compared with his or her sibling.’

However, you may think twice before laying down all day. A recent New York Times article, “In the Flu Battle, Hydration and Elevation May Be Your Best Weapons” warns spending too much time laying horizontally may be detrimental to your respiratory tract. This is in large part because it can cause you to cough in excess, putting unnecessary stress on your lungs, chest, and throat.

Man drinking water
If plain water doesn't sound appetizing, try a tea or lemon water instead. The key is to make sure you are drinking plenty of liquids.


Like sleep, hydration is essential. From an upset tummy to a fever-induced sweat, you can quickly become dehydrated,

The Drip IV mentioned above offers a quick and natural way to rehydrate. However, this won’t be enough – especially between visits. We recommend drinking as much water as you can. Above and beyond water, herbals teas can be a great option for extra fluids. Just make sure they are caffeine free. Infused water is another tasty alternative. You may also find fruit juice to be a good choice, as it provides vitamins and liquids.

4. Stay Home

It can be incredibly difficult to stay home from work. But if possible, do so. Especially if you’ve had a fever. Your immune system is at its most compromised after a fever, so try and avoid large public settings for the first 24 hours following the fever’s break.

Furthermore, don’t jump back into life too quickly. Take it slow. It’s easy to start feeling better, go back to work and wind up right back in bed. While it may seem like there are hundreds of things that have to get done, it doesn’t do you or anyone around you any good if you just end up sick again. Take the time you need. Stay home.

Woman making soup
Nourishing, vitamin-rich soups are easy on your digestive system while giving you the key nutrients you need to get healthy.

5. Nourishing Foods

When you get sick – especially with the flu – you have a tendency to stop eating. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, if you aren’t eating, you aren’t getting the nutrients and fuel your body needs to heal. As soon as possible, reintroduce nourishing foods to your diet.

Soups are a really good first choice. They don’t tend to be nearly as hard on your digestive tract, while still giving you plenty of nutrients. Add plenty of leafy greens and vegetables to your soup to give yourself even more vitamins.

A rich bone broth or chicken soup can also be a wonderful option for those patients who eat meat. Both bone broth and chicken soup are rich in glycine, which research suggests improves sleep quality.  Scientists at the University of Nebraska found that chicken soup was able to inhibit the migration of a body’s immune cells. The study also suggests that this could be due to chicken soup’s natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, broth made from bones is rich in collagen, a nutrient needed for the growth of connective tissues. It’s a good source a gelatin, which helps collagen maintain its structure so you can get the maximum benefits. And, bone broth has Glycine, an amino acid that is present in a healthy nervous system.

A mild anti-inflammatory effect could be one mechanism by which the soup could result in the mitigation of symptomatic upper respiratory tract infections.

Woman wearing a scarf and hat.
Especially when you're worried about getting sick or trying to get healthy, go for warmer clothes. This can help protect your body against further infection.

6. Wear a Scarf

Chinese medicine professionals will often recommend patients wear scarves – especially when they feel they’re getting sick. This is because cold temperatures touching the back of the neck are believed to cause sickness. While no study has proved this concretely, patients have found that this can help them avoid getting sick and recover from the flu more quickly.

7. Show Your Respiratory Tract Some Love

The flu – especially if you have the stomach flu – can do a number on your respiratory tract. From coughing to throwing up, you can damage your internal organs, as small tears in the tissue and swollen glands are formed.

Botanical tinctures are a natural way to help soothe your respiratory tract so it can heal. The tinctures can also enhance digestion so that you can better process your food.

Get a Drip IV Treatment

Start feeling better now. Schedule your initial consultation to begin feeling better as soon as possible.

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