New hCG Weight Loss Program - Dr Justin Hoffman

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New hCG Weight Loss Program - Dr Justin Hoffman

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After many years of research, and treating thousands of patients successfully - Dr Justin Hoffman has developed the NEW hCG weight loss program. Dr Hoffman considers his programs to be safe, effective and they are based on current medical research. Dr Hoffman is consistently inspired by his patient's success stories, and is 100% committed to helping patients reach their weight loss goals.

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In our clinic, we regularly see consistent results with our weight loss programs and Dr Hoffman's New hCG Diet. We have a greater than 85% success rate in helping patients lose weight and keep it off long term. The key to the hCG weight loss programs is the daily injections of prescription Human Chorionic Gonadotropic (hCG), which is combined with a powerful plan for structured eating and healthy food choices.

What is hCG

HCG is a prescription medication that is FDA approved and used to treat a variety of conditions. Many have heard of hCG, not only due to its powerful effects on metabolism and weight loss, but also associated with pregnancy. HCG is produced in both men and women on a daily basis, yet for women that are pregnant, they see a rise in the levels of hCG. This rise in hCG concentration is used to determine if a woman is pregnant or not.

In the 1950’s, a physician by the name of Dr Simmeons discovered that when hCG was combined with a very low calorie diet, it triggered the mobilization of fat by the body - to in turn use this fat fur caloric fuel and energy. Dr that specialize in natural weight loss posit that the hCG actually has a positive effect on the hypothalamus of the brain which then encourages the body to release “stored” or “excess” fat reserves/deposits for fuel.

Dr Hoffman's New hCG Diet has been proved to be very effective with his patients and he has helped thousands of patients lose weight naturally.

What is the Recommended Calorie Count ?

The New hCG Diet can be a very effective tool for helping to burn fat when combined with a low calorie diet of approximately 900-1500 calories. Everyone is different and the calories that are recommended may vary from person to person. Greater than 90% of our patients do not experience hunger when on this program. Doctors believe that this lack of hunger is due to the body not being triggered into a deficit mode, which is typically what will cause hunger on all other restrictive type diets. Although our patients are eating a limited number of calories, it is widely agreed among weight loss doctors that an average a ½ to 1 lb. of fat per day is released by the body. In addition to the caloric intake directly from food, this release of metabolic energy from your fat reserves gives your body approxiamtely 1300 - 2000 calories that can be used each day. Because of this, our patients find they don't feel hungry and it is common for the participants to feel better than they have in many months or years.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

On average, women lose ½ lb. per day while on this diet. Men on average will lose ¾ to 1 lb. per day during the active weight loss phase of the program. In most cases, the weight stays off while healthy eating and lifestyle habits become established. We are here to help our patients maintain their weight loss by guiding them every step of the way through the program.

Are There Side Effects?

There are many effects of the program and the vast majority of them are positive. Our doctors call these effects the "desired effects". The side effects are limited in number and we generally do not see any adverse reactions in our patients once they have been pre-screened and approved for the program. Possible negative effects of any weight loss program can include increased risk of gall stones and possible gout (arthritic symptoms), although very rare. Some of the reported effects include the following:

  • Improved energy
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Sharper cognitive function
  • Better focus
  • Healthier skin
  • Stronger nails and hair
  • Less inflammation
  • Fewer headaches
  • Improved GI function
  • Better regulated blood sugars
  • Much more

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Does the Weight Stay Off?

Dr Hoffman's New hCG Weight Loss programs offer the best results due to the level of supervision that you have before, during and after your weight loss. Recommendations for maintaining optimal weight will be given to patients once their active weight loss phase is over. If patients follow the recommendations given to them by Dr Hoffman once their weight loss program is over, the odds of regaining the weight are very low. In fact, statistically there are only about 10% of patients that see a return of their weight. This 10% is comprised of patients that return to unhealthy eating habits or don't consistently follow the variety of specific recommendations made by Dr Hoffman to ensure the weight stays off.

What Can Cause Weight to Return?

  • Falling back into unhealthy eating habits
  • Hormone imbalances that are affecting metabolism negatively
  • Estrogen imbalances in women
  • Progesterone imbalances in women
  • Testosterone deficiencies in Men
  • Thyroid sluggishness
  • Adrenal function imbalances and patterns of adrenal fatigue
  • Improper exercise
  • Insulin resistance
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Much more

What Are The Costs Associated With The Program?

There is no "program cost" with any of Dr Hoffman's weight loss programs. Patient's are seen at the interval that is most necessary for supporting their weight loss goals and ensuring that they respond well to the treatments with weight loss and optimal energy. Dr Hoffman requires a New Patient office visit ($379) and during this visit the Dr. reviews your medical history, does any physical exams that may be needed and designs a weight loss program for success with goals to track and treatment suggestions meant to help you stay satisfied and avoid hunger. Return office visits ($194) are typically necessary once a week and the cost of medication is 9 dollars a day (hCG).

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How Long is The Program?

The amount of time that is suggested for you to stay on the program is determined by the amount of weight loss desired as well as how you respond to the treatments on a week to week basis. This is something that the Dr. discusses with each patient during the first office visit. Typically patients are initially put on the program with a goal of about 30 days and can continue for 60 days if indicated.

To learn more about Dr Hoffman or the weight loss programs that are offered at our integrative weight loss clinic in Santa Rosa, please call: 707-292-8882

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