Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

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Tired of making grand New Year’s resolutions that never stick? Want this year to be different? It’s possible to see real results that last. The key to proactive weight loss is to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable.

So stop thinking of your New Year’s resolutions as work or a self-inflicted prison sentence. Rather, consider making changes that will improve your quality of life and overall happiness.

The following tips offer ways to lose weight safely through small and manageable changes that offer a big impact.

9 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions to Promote Proactive Weight Loss

1. Spend More Quality Time Being Active with Your Kids

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Finding ways to incorporate movement and activity with your kids into your daily life helps you lose weight and helps you be a good role model.

Life gets busy — especially as parents. Juggling after school activities, holiday shopping, and the general business of living can eat up the day. This can often force us to choose between working out and spending time with our kids.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose. By finding fun ways to be active with your kids, you can get a workout in and spend time bonding.

Discover 11 ways to be active with your kids.

2. Enjoy Vacations Without Gaining Weight

Vacation weight loss tips
Whether it's sightseeing on foot or trying a new exercise class, incorporating movement into your vacation is the best way to avoid weight gain and have fun!

Have a few getaways planned? That’s fabulous! Vacations can be a great way to rest and refuel. However, they can also be an instance when individuals quickly put on weight. How can you enjoy vacation without bringing home some unwanted extra baggage?

Use these 17 tips to enjoy your getaway guilt-free!

3. Master Your Cravings

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Feel like your cravings are getting the best of you? It can happen to us all. But with the right tricks, you can take control of the.

Have you ever sat down to watch a football game with a bag of chips only to realize you ate the entire bag? You’re not alone! You’re also not alone if you’ve found yourself craving a burger or a piece of cake or a big fountain soda. Cravings happen.

The problem is, many of these things our bodies are ‘craving’ aren’t good for us. Rather than give into your cravings, learn to master them. You can take simple steps to eliminate cravings. (We have 19 at-home tricks we love.) Alternatively, a doctor-supervised weight loss program can help you tailor your diet to eliminate cravings. You can also take simple steps on your own

4. Eat on a Regular Schedule

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Regular meal times not only promote a healthy family environment, they help promote a healthier life!

Eating meals at regular times helps you avoid big spikes and dips in your energy, which can cause cravings. It can also help boost your metabolism and improve your mood. Learn more about why eating at regular times is good for your weight loss goals and overall health.

5. Skip the Diet. Make a Lifestyle Change.

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Diets are something you do for a short amount of time. Lifestyle changes are ones you can sustain. That's what offers a lasting impact.

Does the word ‘diet’ sound like a punishment? One of the biggest issues with diets is that they aren’t sustainable. They often include very restrictive modifications that you’ll likely only make for a short period of time.

Once your resume your previous habits, the weight comes right back. That’s why safe weight loss is based on lifestyle changes that you can stick to.

6. Don’t Let Family or Loved Ones Derail Your Weight Loss Goals

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Dieting when the rest of your family isn't can be tough. But it's not impossible.

You want to lose weight, but your family and loved ones aren’t on the same path? This can be tough! Especially when they don’t understand your new lifestyle choices. While it can be difficult if you’re the only one dieting at home, it’s not impossible. You can diet when your family isn’t. It just takes a little bit more planning.

7. Incorporate More Steps into Your Day

co-workers walking
Whether you're walking to get coffee or parking at the back of a parking lot, finding ways to incorporate more steps into your day can help you burn extra calories.

Walking is one of the best activities for your health, as it offers a low-impact way to exercise and burn calories. And, it’s something you can do just about anywhere in the world!

Get our nine favorite ways to add more steps to your day!

8. Savor Healthy Paleo Vegan Recipes

sweet potato fries and avocado dipping sauce
Make healthy tasty, with recipes like these sweet potato fries with avocado dipping sauce.

Thing ‘healthy food’ has to be boring and gross? Think again! With the right flavor combinations, you can savor a healthy paleo vegan diet that’s loaded with unctuous goodness even your guests will enjoy!

Paleo Vegan Recipes We Love!

9. Enjoy Eating Out Without Ditching Your Weight Loss Goals

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Losing weight doesn't have to mean losing out. You can eat out, without completely derailing your diet goals.

Losing weight means never eating out, right? Wrong! Who would want to live like that? Whether you’re using medical weight loss to help you achieve your goals or doing it on your own, you can still go out for a meal without completely derailing your journey.

The secret is to plan and advocate for yourself. Ask for menu modification as needed. And, don’t feel like you have to be a member of the clean plate club! See our complete list of tips to dine out while losing weight.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

While we don’t believe losing weight has to be an end to life as you know it, we do know that losing weight is tough! It’s especially difficult if you’re going it alone. Medically supervised weight loss gives you the support and guidance you need to see healthy and sustainable results fast.

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