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Prolotherapy for Lateral knee pain - common cycling injury

Dr Justin Hoffman

This common and chronic injury can be challenging to treat. Prolotherapy is often used to help heal these injuries that may be due to underlying biomechanical problems as well:

  • Over-pronation
  • Leg length discrepancies
  • Subtle weakness of core stabilizing muscles

All of the above can contribute to tightening of the ITB on the lateral side of the leg and knee. This can then lead to bursitis - local inflammation where the band crosses the knee.

Typically this pain is most significant at about 30 degrees when the knee is in flexion. Typical patterns of pain show tenderness to the touch and the knee is often swollen. In addition to a stretching program for the muscles involved (ITB, gluteus, hips) Prolotherapy is very important. Along with Prolotherapy, physical therapy may be helpful in some cases along with ice, massage and anti-inflammatories for pain control. Core strength and stretching programs are important for long-term relief and prevention of recurrence. Prolotherapy can strengthen ligaments that are stressed, heal tendons that are lacking strength and give patients an overall improvement in range of motion and quality of life.

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Dr Justin Hoffman practices prolotherapy in Santa Rosa, at Tru Health Medicine. As a prolotherapy specialist, Dr Hoffman can help to relieve your pain and get you back into life again!

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