5 Reasons Prolotherapy Helps You Avoid Knee Surgery

Read: 5 Reasons Prolotherapy Helps You Avoid Knee Surgery

Prolotherapy offers a non-invasive solution to knee pain that helps stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

There are times when surgery is the only option. You need a new heart. A bullet needs to be removed. An appendix is about to burst. These are life-threatening instances when the extreme risk of opening up the body is the only option left for survival.

A sprained knee. A strained ligament. A hyperextended knee cap. Each of these injuries can cause severe knee pain. However, none of these injuries are life-threatening.

And yet, traditional Western medicine often recommends a surgical solution. The problem is, any surgery poses serious health risks. It exposes you to anesthesia and foreign bodies. It can result in internal scarring that can damage existing tissue and restrict (or alter) the body’s natural movements.

Additionally, you may have an allergic reaction to one of the materials used during surgery. The surgeon could make a mistake during surgery. (They are human and mistakes do happen.) And, your body may not have the capacity to recover and heal.

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Prolotherapy offers a non-surgical alternative to reducing and/or eliminating knee pain. The following five reasons outline why.

5 Reasons Prolotherapy Helps Eliminate Knee Pain

1. Prolotherapy is Non-Invasive

Surgery involves cutting into your body and attempting to manually repair damage. The problem is – a doctor often has to cut you open, effectively causing damage.

As a surgery alternative, prolotherapy involves injecting a small irritant at key locations near the site of the injury. This helps stimulate the body’s natural healing process, without requiring a doctor to open you up.  

Happy Couple Running in Park
When you're able to help your body heal and reduce pain, you can begin enjoying what's most important to you.

2. Prolotherapy Doesn’t Mask Your Knee Pain

Traditional Western medicine often masks the pain using artificial means, such as:

  • Cortisone Injections at the site of the injury.
  • Painkillers to dull your senses.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to change your body’s natural chemical procedures.

The problem is, pain is not arbitrary. Pain exists for a reason. It’s a signal to your brain that the current action or situation you are in is not safe.

Artificially taking the pain away by masking it will certainly make any patient feel better in the immediate future. However, it can have devastating long-term effects. By masking the pain, you allow your body to push further than it should, often resulting in new or increased injuries.

3. Prolotherapy Can Help You Manage Pain Naturally

Our bodies are exquisitely designed, self-healing machines. We’re constantly shedding used and spent cells and growing new ones. It’s the brain which tells your body the areas on which to focus. The brain does so through chemical messengers.

The injured part of the body sends a message to the brain saying it needs help. The brain sends messages to red and white blood cells to heal that body part. And, you heal.

Unfortunately, for many who suffer from chronic knee pain, these messages have been turned off. Prolotherapy reactivates these messages, helping to manage your knee pain naturally by addressing the root cause of the issue. A 2014 study at The University of Chicago, ‘Prolotherapy: A nontraditional approach to knee osteoarthritis,’ found that prolotherapy “reduced pain frequency and severity” of knee pain.

Mom with daughter riding bikes.
It can be tough to keep up with your kids and grandkids when you're in constant pain. Prolotherapy can help you eliminate pain and resume your favorite physical activities, like riding bikes in the park.

4. Prolotherapy Can Help Regrow Essential Tendons, Ligaments, and Muscle

One of the biggest issues with non-surgical treatments for knee pain is that they address the symptoms and not the cause of your pain. Prolotherapy taps into the power of your body’s natural ability to heal.

It stimulates the regrowth of damaged tendons, ligaments, and muscles. In short, prolotherapy helps you eliminate the cause of your pain by helping you heal naturally.

5. Prolotherapy Has Helped Patients When All Else Has Failed

Among the many success stories we’ve had with prolotherapy right here in the clinic, one of the most exciting is Ben’s. Ben suffered a severe back injury which kept from even walking.

After just six rounds of prolotherapy treatments, he was not only able to walk again, but start surfing and working out regularly. Learn more about Ben’s story here.

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