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There are a number of factors that distinguish good quality healthy supplements from poor quality products. These include:

  • how reputable the manufacturer is
  • what chemical form of ingredients are used
  • and what additional ingredients (excipients) are added

Poor quality supplements often contain inadequate dosages, toxic contaminants, adulterants or use potentially dangerous forms of a nutrient instead of the most effective and "active". Many studies have shown that poor quality supplements can actually promote health problems rather than prevent illness or treat disease! You can trust that the supplements ordered from our online supplement warehouse are the best available in the country - choose from thousands of brands.

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Unless you are going to purchase and use high quality supplements, our doctors believe that most people are better off not taking any supplements at all! Many of these health concerns can be quite detailed and somewhat technical. Most of the patients we recommend supplements for come in for a visit with the doctor to do a survey of everything they are taking, and to have the doctor evaluate the quality of and need for the supplements. Just as it is a very bad idea to buy a home without an expert evaluation of that home by a qualified home inspector, our doctors recommend that patients only purchase supplements that have been evaluated by someone with naturopathic training, that has the expertise you can trust.The supplement plans we give patients are specifically designed to meet that person's individual needs. Remember, when it comes to supplements, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all". Supplements should enhance and improve your health, not make things worse or detract from health.

All of the supplements that we make available to the public on our website have been manufactured with integrity and quality ingredients. Utilizing third party testing to confirm purity and potency can assure you that the supplements are the highest quality available in the country. Drawing upon our doctors extensive training and experience, we have found these supplements to be formulated and manufactured according to our requirements, using only U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade vitamins and minerals. This guarantees purity and potency (as stated on every label), which is independently verified for every ingredient used.

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The field of nutritional science and is an ever changing field that our doctors continuously monitor to ensure that these supplements contain the forms, dosages, and combination's of nutrients that have been shown to be most beneficial to your health. Online Supplement Warehouse.

To learn more about our doctors, or to schedule a Supplement evaluation with a doctor, call 707-292-8882

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