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hCG Diet and your options for natural weight loss in Santa Rosa

What are your options for hCG?

What is the most important information to have before deciding if hCG is right for you?

Dr. Justin N Hoffman answers these questions and more.

Beware of other forms, especially homeopathic hCG - which does not work and does not actually contain any hCG.

Dr. Hoffman receives at least ten emails a day asking questions about the different forms of hCG and which form is the best to use. While Dr. Hoffman has seen his weight loss programs offer incredibly life changing effects, there are important things to know as you are researching all of your options. Dr. Hoffman does not encourage the Simeon's protocol and has developed his own natural weight loss programs that he has found to be very effective clinically. hCG can be very effective, and while you consider your options for natural weight loss, be sure to ask many questions and do your research. Read below for information that will help you in that process. While there are many different hCG products out there, most are not effective and some are outright dangerous!

Questions to ask if you are looking for a medical weight loss program in Santa Rosa (click here)

1) Lets start with the dangerous first!

hCG Online

hCG ordered online is dangerous. It is illegal to order any medication over the internet that requires a prescription, although many people do unfortunately decide to buy hCG from online sources that have absolutely no oversight or regulation. Also, you have absolutely no way of knowing if what you are ordering will make it to your door, if you will get arrested for illegally ordering a prescription medication, or if the product you ordered actually contains any medication whatsoever or some unknown dangerous substance that could cause serious health hazards.

Homeopathic hCG Drops and sprays

Homeopathic hCG drops literally have nothing in them except water. Do you want to starve yourself? Do you want to waste your money and time? With hCG drops you will do all of the above. I have had dozens of patients come to me for help after first having tried hCG drops and then gaining all the weight right back. You may think the hCG drops are working, but rest assured, there is no bioidentical hormone at all, not one single molecule, in the vial that you purchased.

Practitioners of various sorts, that are not qualified to prescribe medication, are promoting homeopathic hCG. Symptoms such as hunger, irritability, fatigue, electrolyte imbalances, heart arrhythmias, are all possible when you are on a starvation (500 calorie) diet with hCG homeopathic drops. For many years, I have had countless patients come to me for help after having first been convinced to try homeopathic hCG, only to have their weight come back or having failed to complete their suggested diet due to complications. When it comes to homeopathic hCG, don’t waste your money and don’t risk your health.

Things to watch out for:

  • practitioners promising that homeopathic drops or any form of homeopathic hCG will work.
  • practitioners promising 1 lb a day or more of weight loss.
  • practitioners using the "Simeons" protocol - much of this protocol is outdated, scientifically unsound, and unnecessarily extreme.
  • any "weight loss plan" that is not supervised by a physician or primary care doctor with medical training.
  • if a diet requires a long list of supplements to work, it is probably more about selling you supplements and less about improving your health.
  • practitioners stating that hCGis the "best way to lose weight". hCG is not indicated for everyone and should not be used with everyone. It is impossible to determine if hCG is appropriate to consider, without a proper medical evaluation, intake and assessment.

2) Lets look at the bad next.

–hCG sublingual drops

–hCG oral tablets

–hCG spray (if not homeopathic)

–hCG transdermal creams

–compounded injectable hCG

Any form of hCG listed above should be avoided if you want reliable results.

3) THE GOOD– Keep it pure, keep it safe, keep it medically supervised with a primary care doctor.

Dr. Hoffman only prescribes the highest quality of hCG directly from pharmacists. With the subcutaneous injections, a metered amount of medication is administered into the tissue with the desired effect occurring at a much lower dosage, making it much less likely that patients will experience complications that are more commonly associated with other non-effective "hCG" products.

Once you are approved by Dr. Hoffman, your hCG weight loss program can help you achieve a greater level of health and give you the tools you need to maintain your long term successes in the future.

To read more about Dr. Hoffman's successes with helping patients permanently lose weight in a natural weight loss program, click here.

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