The Hormone Journey

5 of Dr. Hoffman's hormone balance principles

5 things to keep in mind as you embark on your journey towards balanced hormones, health and vitality:

  1. Many of our body's hormones decline with age.  This can occur at any age, leading to imbalances.
  2. As hormone levels decline, the aging process is accelerated.
  3. Health declines as the levels of hormones decline.
  4. Diet and lifestyle choices greatly influence your hormone levels.
  5. Bioidentical hormone treatments are most effective when supplementing

Hormones and Science

Just as the hormones in your body are constantly changing, our medical understanding of hormones is in a state of constant change as research continues to expand our medical knowledge.  This is why it is important for each doctor specializing in hormone balance to understand the time tested therapies that work for women, as well as to stay at the cutting edge of bioidentical hormone replacement approaches.

Hormones and culture

In each culture around the world, menopause viewed differently.  In our culture, women many times in our feel pushed aside and ignored as they age and as their role in the family or workplace shifts.    In other cultures, women going through menopause are honored for their wisdom as well as their life experiences.  Menopause is a whole person experience that involves families, our relationships, the environment we live in, our physical bodies, the spirit as well as the emotions.  To not address each aspect of the bigger picture is to fall short of allowing women to fully embrace this transition in an empowered way.

Hormones are chemicals made by the endocrine glands. They course through your circulatory system and your body's cells through cell receptors. For proper body function, every unique hormone needs to fit into the receptor like a lock and key. If there is not an exact fit, the body can experience imbalances and illness may result. This is one of the reasons why our body's hormones (or “bioidentical” hormones) are far superior to anything that is not an exact structural fit.

Our cells communicate with one another through hormones. They play a role in:

  • Growth, development, & reproduction
  • Skin, muscle, & bone repair
  • Proper immune system function
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Proper Blood sugar regulation
  • Adequate energy level
  • Healthy Brain function
  • Balanced mood

When you think about how many functions that hormones are involved with inside of the body, it is not a surprise that hormonal imbalances can cause such a wide variety of illnesses.

To learn more about Bioidentical hormones, contact medical group: 707-292-8882

Our naturopathic medical doctors meet with you directly each time you visit our office for an appointment.  You will not be seen by other support staff, technicians, medical assistants or practitioners such as a nurse.  Bioidentical hormones are by prescription only and are written by Dr. Hoffman.  Dr. Hoffman treats patients from the santa rosa area, including petaluma, sebastopol, cotati, rohnert park, healdsburg, napa, sonoma and bennet valley.

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