The Quick Way to Pamper Yourself

Read: The Quick Way to Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s finishing a client project or teaching your son to tie his shoes, you spend most of your days focused on helping others. Take a moment. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Because while being selfless is noble, if you never refuel your energy stores, you’ll burnout. We all need a little me time occasionally. We all need the chance to rest and relax. For some folks this means curling up with a good book and for others it means rock climbing at Sonoma Coast State Park.

Most Adults Suffer at Least a Small Vitamin Deficiency

It could also be your body is in need of replenishing. During their most recent study, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found most adults in the U.S. experienced at least a small vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause a variety of problems. From simply reducing energy levels to heightening depression symptoms, a deficiency can keep you from being your best.

Diet Correction Often Isn’t Enough

For some individuals, vitamin deficiencies can be corrected with a change in diet. Increasing fruits and vegetables, introducing healthy proteins, and upping the intake of iron-rich foods can do wonders. Unfortunately, diet correct takes time to work. And for many patients, diet correction alone isn’t enough.

Vitamin IV Drips Deliver the Key Nutrients Needed Immediately

Luckily, you can bypass the slow digestive system. With a vitamin IV drip, you can deliver the key vitamins and minerals your body needs directly to your bloodstream.

The process is simple. A special cocktail is created for your unique needs. It’s administered through an IV in the comfort of our facility. They treatments can take as little as 30 minutes with our Quick Drip program, helping you get in, out and refreshed in no time. Some patients report feeling better in as little as 5 minutes!

Learn More About Drip IV Treatments

5 Sneaky Hazards to Losing Weight (And How to Beat ‘Em)

You’re watching what you eat. You’re skipping the splurges. You’re going to the gym. But, you’re still not losing weight. Hope isn't lost. 

Vitamin Deficiencies Could Be Hindering Your Weight Loss (but they don't have to!)

When your body works better, you can lose weight more easily. From restoring energy to imroving sleep, Vitamin IV Drips can help you loose weight. 

Replenish Your Youthful Glow with Drip IV Treatments

We ask a lot of our bodies and of our skin. It’s not uncommon for the years we’ve spent pushing ourselves to the limit to catch up with how we look and feel. 

Get a Drip IV Treatment

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I’m Ready for Some Me Time!

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