Tired All of The Time? - Fatigue, The Quiet Threat

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Tired All of The Time? - Fatigue, The Quiet Threat

Can I Find Out Why I'm So Tired?

We want to understand the origins of your fatigue. We determine the cause of your fatigue from a complete and thorough health history, lifestyle analysis, and a full evaluation of each system within your body that needs to be functioning well so that you can have boundless energy. We review your endocrine system, blood chemistry, Iron levels, hormones and can put together a picture of what ails you.

What Are The Adrenal Glands - Do They Make Me Tired?

The adrenal glands are walnut-shaped glands on top of each kidney. They secrete hormones which effect every tissue, organ, and gland in your body. This can profoundly influence the way you think and feel. They also support and enable your body to manage and overcome stress from every possible source. The Adrenal glands also work to keep your body’s reaction to stress in balance so they are appropriate and not harmful. Stress over time is a major cause of exhaustion and fatigue.

Stress is part of life and for the most part our body is able to moderate its effects, to a point.

How Can I Be Stressed? I Don't Feel Stressed Out..!

Stress is a quiet killer. The effects of stress are well researched and many of the most common leading causes of death annually are either caused in part by stress, or are associated with stress; i.e.: heart attacks. Interestingly enough, one of the most significant symptoms of chronic stress is exhaustion or fatigue. Are you tired of being stressed out?

Stress is a wear and tear problem that our bodies experience and constantly adjust to in our continually changing environment. Our environment can include:

  • The actual "outside environment" around our homes and neighborhoods
  • Our inside the house surroundings
  • Our relationships are a type of environment that we live within
  • Work environment
  • etc...

We are a part of many different environments that have a physical and emotional effect on us. These effects can create positive or negative feelings, as well as ill or good health. A “stressor” can be anything that causes a disruption of your body's ability to maintain balance. Stressors can be physical, emotional,mental, psychological, spiritual, environmental, physiological or of an infectious source.

Read About Adrenal Fatigue Here

At Tru Health Medicine we work tirelessly to find the root cause of your fatigue. We can bring you back to health using effective natural treatments, treating you from an integrative perspective.

We will explore the function of your body through lab testing, salivary hormone panels, physical exams, as well as a review of your medical history. Other tests may be requested as determined by your doctors evaluation and your symptoms. If it is an adrenal problem, we will find it. Most doctors do not customarily evaluate patients for adrenal fatigue, and only look for the end stage process of Adrenal Failure, which most patients with adrenal fatigue do not have. However, we have found over the years that many people have many fatigue-like symptoms of a serious functional adrenal problem which we are able to diagnose and treat effectively.

What Are The Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue

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