Treating the Undiagnosable with Dr. Kelley Barnes-Valdes

Read: Treating the Undiagnosable with Dr. Kelley Barnes-Valdes

Dr. Kelley Barnes-Valdes is a general health practitioner. She specializes in chronic disease and hard to diagnose health issues.

She works with patients of all ages, including newborns and elderly individuals. Her holistic approach is founded on the understanding that everything is related. She believes no symptom arises without a cause and is relentlessly committed to helping everyone who walks through her door.

To give you some insight into how she helps patients, here are a few of the key takeaways from a recent Q&A with Dr. Barnes-Valdes:

The majority of your patients come to you with a health issue, like chronic pain, but no clear diagnosis. Is that correct?

Yes. For a lot of my patients, I’m not the first doctor they’ve seen. I’m often not even the tenth. They come to me because they’re suffering from something that doesn’t have a easily identified diagnosis, so they’ve been told they are fine or that they are crazy.

But they’re not fine. They’re not crazy. They’re suffering and that suffering has a cause.

What makes your approach so unique?

The thing that makes me unique is that I really listen to my patients. I listen to my patients stories to extract all the pieces of their puzzle until we can put them together figure out what is causing their disease. 

Once I determine what the cause of a patient’s symptoms are, I am able to unwind their disease process until they achieve health. Because I am skilled in the use of herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine,  nutrition, and lifestyle modifications, I have the tools to meet patients where they’re at and carry them all the way to where they want to be.

Do you only offer naturopathic solutions?

There are many different ways to approach a patient. I think one of the reasons naturopathic medicine is so successful, is that it gives a doctor so many different tools.

Among those tools are naturopathic solutions. But they are not the only tools. Allopathic medicine is another tool. And if it can help my patients, I’ll use it.

Does your process require a large amount of lab work?

How many tests we run depends on the circumstance. Often, because patients have seen so many other medical professionals before they get to me, multiple tests have already been run.

Whenever possible, I use those. I understand lab work costs money. So I don’t suggest any unnecessary tests. If I can figure out what’s going on with you, by speaking to you, then I don’t need to order any labs. When it comes to lab work, my principle is simple: I only order what’s necessary.

How does being at Tru Health help you better serve your patients?

Tru Health is an amazing environment. The medical professionals who practice here are incredibly skilled. And, they have different skills than I do.

For example, just the other day I had a patient who I believed would benefit from holistic pelvic care. We have a doctor on staff who specialized in that. So I recommended them.

For me, the goal is always to provide the best possible care for my patient. I can’t be the master of everything. And, I want to make sure each of my patients get the highest quality treatment possible.

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