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Intravenous Nutritional Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous Therapy (sometimes called IVNT) is a very specialized form of integrative medicine. It uses the healing power of natural nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) to help patients regain their vitality.

Who Needs IV Therapy?

Not everyone is qualified to receive IV therapy. Our doctors do a very careful review of a patient's medical history and labs to determine if they are eligible to receive this powerful therapy. Once approved, our doctors give patients either injections or IV drips that may contain vitamins, minerals, or other beneficial substances. Conditions that may benefit from IV therapy include (but are not limited to) the following:

IV's Versus Vitamin Supplements

When patients come into our IV therapy clinic, it is because they know we have the experience to help them. Most of these patients are already on many supplements that have been given to them by other doctors. The truth is, most of us are not getting what we think we are from vitamin supplements. Doctors generally assume (based on research) that patients will only absorb 15-25 percent of what they ingest orally - and that is if someone has perfect digestion. Many of these patients that are taking vitamins to improve their health also have a variety of absorption problems within their gastrointestinal system as a result of their health problems.

These varied and complex GI absorption problems can make the transport of nutrients into the bloodstream less efficient. In fact, it can require a much larger than normal amount of energy for the body to absorb even small amounts of the vital nutrients that are required for optimal health and wellness. Our doctors frequently find that as patients age, their ability to absorb nutrients decreases quite significantly. This decline in the absorption of nutrients can be due to a gradual decrease in the overall secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach. Typically our doctors will notice that this can lead to a decrease in the pancreatic enzymes needed to break down food or supplements so that intestinal absorption can occur, which only further worsens the problem.

Dramatic IV Micronutrient Therapy Advantages

IV therapies are easy to receive and are viewed as being a safe integrative therapy. Intravenous nutrients can help to prevent and correct the deficiencies that are caused by absorption problems. They are also powerful therapies that can help to boost energy levels and combat the deterioration of the body that is associated with aging and illness. Parenteral micronutrient therapy (IV therapy, IVNT, micronutrient therapy) has a very long safety record in the united states. The absence of adverse outcomes is due in large part to the fact that the nutrients are naturally occurring and essential for optimal function of the human body and its many complex systems. The nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals) are actually quite simple in structure and have low potential for hypersensitivity or antigenicity.

Getting an IV of these required nutrients ensures that they are absorbed into the target cells as a result of being delivered directly into the bloodstream, rather than relying on the minimal GI absorption of oral supplements or food lacking food sources of these elements. The GI also will alter the nutrients due to the effect of digestive enzymes, which is a problem that can be avoided with direct cellular nutrition as a result of IV therapy.

The advantage of using nutrients, herbal extracts, and other naturally derived parenteral substances is the lack of side effects. The principle reason for nutritional IV therapy is to supply elements of normal body metabolism and those required for resolution of illness.

What are the Disadvantages of IVs?

IV therapies are higher in cost than the bottled supplements, but they are also much more effective. Due to the requirement of administering the IV slowly, they can take some time. There is sometimes patient discomfort as a result of the needle stick (similar to getting a blood draw) and occasionally there can be slight vein irritation during the IV (which can be corrected).

How Many IVs are Needed?

Our Doctors review the medical history and labs of each patient to determine what their needs are as well as the necessary frequency of IV administration. Some of the patients that are seen at our IV clinic are chronically unwell and others are acutely sick. It is common for patients to need a "jump-start" series of IV's that consist of high concentrations of nutrients to get them on the path to true health and vitality. These IV's can often be recommended once a week for a period of several months, depending upon the person and the specifics of their health needs.

At other times, we have patient's that are dedicated to their preventive health plan and on an ongoing basis come in for anti-aging and general health producing effects of IV's on a monthly basis.

How do the Doctors Decide What Nutrients to Use?

There are 3 main factors that are looked at when a Doctor determines which nutrients are necessary:

1. Establishing a deficiency of any nutrient. This is determined by a thorough review of a patient's medical history, their symptoms, as well as micronutrient testing and blood-work.

Example: an example of the first factor is magnesium deficiencies. This is a very common deficiency that most of our patients have as a result of poor dietary choices, poor food quality or problems with GI absorption of this nutrient. Typical symptoms may include things like cramping of muscles, abdominal cramping as well as things like chronic migraine headaches.

2. Developing a list of necessary cofactors (other complimentary nutrients) to ensure that the micronutrients are being properly metabolized.

Example: (continuation of the above example) our doctors find that patients will sometimes tolerate the treatment more easily when the amino acid taurine is added, due to its ability to facilitate the transport of Magnesium into the target tissues and cells.

3. Designing a specific strategy for IV's based on the action of a micronutrient on a patient's unique health problem or disease process.

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IV nutritional therapy is also known as IVNT, IV Drip therapy, IV nutrient administration, parenteral micronutrient therapy or micronutrient therapy. Our doctors are integrative medicine specialists in Santa Rosa that offer IV therapy, IV Drips and nutrient IVs to help patients regain their well being and vitality.

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