Vacation Recovery 101

Read: Vacation Recovery 101

Ever feel like you need a vacation from yesterday? IV vitamin drips give your body the boost you need to recover quickly.

Live a full life. Push your body as hard and as far as you want. We applaud you.

Around here, we don’t believe in holding back and reserving a little more for later. We believe in living fully. Which is why after a long weekend spent indulging or a hard workout, we don’t believe you should spend your day (or days) recovering.

With the power of vitamin IV drips, you can give your body the boost it needs to recover quickly. There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Santa Rosa. Why languish indoors?

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How IV Vitamin Drips Can Help You Recover Quickly

Hard work and lots of playing depletes your body of the key vitamins and minerals it needs to function. This can make you tired and weary. It can cause your body to feel sore. Vitamin deficiencies can interrupt your sleep cycles, heighten the effects of depression, and cause you to gain weight.

In short, when you’re vitamin deficient, your body struggles to function.

While it’s possible to correct vitamin deficiencies through oral pills and daily diets, this approach is slow. Even the most highly functional digestive systems fail to absorb even 50 percent of what an individual ingests. This means you could be paying for and consuming a massive amount of nutrients are just getting flushed down the drain.

Luckily, you have options. With an IV vitamin drip, you can deliver a full dose of the key nutrients and minerals your body is craving directly into your bloodstream. This allows you to start benefiting immediately. Some patients have reported feeling the positive effect of an IV vitamin drip in as little at five minutes.

At Tru Health, we offer both slow and quick drip treatments. Slow drips feature a complex cocktail designed to enhance your specific needs. However, they do take longer to receive. For those in need of a quicker pick-me-up, our quick drip option targets specific deficiencies. Administered in roughly an hour, quick drips let you get in and get on with the business of living.

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