Vaccinations in Childhood

Childhood Vaccinations

One of the most important things a new family can do is educate themselves on the issue of vaccinations. While there is a great deal of disagreement in the medical community as to the recommended vaccination schedule and how appropriate it is for babies to receive all of the scheduled vaccinations, there is a good deal of science and research which is helpful in determining what is most appropriate for children as well as, when and if children should receive each and every scheduled vaccination.

I frequently lecture on the topic of vaccinations, and most frequently I am asked this question by parents - "should we vaccinate our children?" and "do you think vaccines are necessary?"

Invariably, the answer is not ever as simple as a "yes" or a "no", and the considerations that must be weighed in making that decision are different for every family. What is certain, is that finding an answer to these questions involves learning as much as you can about a few key issues. Doing the necessary research will give you the information you need to make an individualized and informed decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind while researching the topic :

  • What is the recommended vaccination schedule?
  • What is the purpose of each vaccine?
  • Is it necessary to give all of the recommended vaccines?
  • Are there any vaccines that are not necessary?
  • Do vaccines contain mercury?
  • Can vaccines cause autism?

While much of this information is gone over in great depth during my childhood vaccination workshops, I hope to give you some helpful hints here that will make the process of researching the topic a little easier. I give an updated, Naturopathic vaccination schedule in my seminars and if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this Naturopathic vaccine schedule, please call 707-292-8882.

After the passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), in 1986, serious problems with vaccinations became much more common. After this point, pharmaceutical companies were sheltered from any liability or the legal ramifications of vaccines causing injury, illness or death. There no longer exists an incentive to manufacture the safest and most effective vaccines possible. As long as the FDA has approved the vaccine, it is promoted. In fact, the manufacturing of vaccines skyrocketed since the passing of this public law (99-660)

It is thought by many medical professionals, that this has resulted in the introduction and recommendation of many more vaccinations, without regard to whether they are medically necessary, effective or ineffective, safe or not safe, good or bad. This information is not fiction, and is consistent with congressional testimony obtained in 2002. This testimony showed that in 1992, the incidence of autism in the US was approximately 1 in 10,000 children. By 1999 that statistic had risen to 1 in 500 children. By 2002, it was 1 in 250 children. By 2005 that statistic had risen to 1 in 152 children - which by definition is an epidemic.

Many health professionals, to this day insist that vaccines do not cause Autism. And while the medical research is conflicting on this topic, many parents of children with autism insist that the vaccines are the cause of their child's Autism. So what does this all boil down to? Well, there is a good chance that most healthy children can tolerate vaccinations without any obvious or immediate complications or problems. However, based on what I have heard from parents, if your child is one of the "unlucky ones", you will forever regret the day you allowed your doctor to vaccinate your child.

Here are a few of the know possible complications of vaccinations;

  1. Brain damage
  2. Encephalopathy
  3. Seizures
  4. Retardation
  5. Paraplegia
  6. Blindness
  7. Spastic Clonus

If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you don't have a good understanding of this vast topic - you are not alone!! Remember to ask every question you think of, and never settle for anything less than being completely informed prior to deciding what is best for your child.

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