Vitamin and Mineral Intake Tips

Read: Vitamin and Mineral Intake Tips

You deserve to feel your best. Give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. 

Helpful Hints for Optimizing Vitamin & Mineral Intake

Preparing Fruits and Veggies

1. Incorporate the Freshest Possible Fruits and Vegetables

Ideally, you want to eat organically grown produce at its freshest. This means consuming it as close to the time it was harvest as possible. While it's preferable to use fresh vegetable and fruit juices, those prepared in advance are good up to 48 hours before they begin to lose their vitamin content if refrigerated.

Using a Food Processor

2. Chop Fruits and Veggies to Make Digestion Easier

Your digestive track has to work hard enough as it is. By utilizing a blender or food processor to help chop up fruits and vegetables, you can make it easier for your body to process these key nutrients. Seeds and nuts can also be chopped or ground up and taken with milk or in powder form.

Making Fresh Juice

3. Juice Your Veggies and Fruits to Optimize Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Juices are more easily digested and absorbed. By using a vegetable or fruit juicer you can optimize your vitamin and mineral intake. When using one, do not forget to include the seeds and leafy parts as they are high in minerals.

Fresh Produce

4. Dominate Your Plate With Fruits and Vegetables

Make your diet mostly fruits and vegetables. They are high in vitamins and minerals. They also provide roughage to maximize bowel function. This decreases the need for laxatives, whose excessive use can lead to an atonic bowel condition.

Mortar and Pestle

5. Crushing Vitamins Improves Absorption

If taking commercial supplements in a tablet form, they will be better absorbed if they are crushed before ingestion. Liquid or capsulized forms are better absorbed by the elderly population as less digestion is required. They are always more effective if taken with a meal.

Fresh Honey

6. Avoid Refined Sugar. Stick to Natural Sweeteners Instead. 

Refined carbohydrates such as white and brown sugar will decrease immune function and predispose one to diabetes if used frequently and in large amounts. Calcium and magnesium loss also increases with these refined sugars, which leads to wasting of bone and a higher incidence of fractures. If you need to add sweetness, look instead to a natural form, like honey. 

eat healthy

7. Choose Low Fat Proteins

Incorporate proteins which have less fat. These could include fish, chicken, rabbit, nuts, tofu and tempe. They offer a much better source of protein red meats due to these healthier options having less fats and a wider variety of amino acids which are better utilized by persons over age 25. In addition, ground beef consumed in fast food establishments is often very high in salt as well as fat.

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