​Weight Loss Program in Santa Rosa

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Weight Loss Program in Santa Rosa

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Weight Loss in Santa Rosa

Liberate Yourself with Dr Hoffman's Weight Loss Programs in Santa Rosa

If you are looking for a supportive and effective plan for weight loss in Santa Rosa, you will see that there are many options. We recommend that patients do their research and ask as many questions as possible prior to deciding which weight loss program is right for them.

Here are a few questions that we feel are important to ask either in person during a consultation ("meet and greet") or over the phone:

1) Do I have to go through an approval process prior to beginning your weight loss program?

-The answer should be "yes".

We generally recommend a series of detailed lab tests to evaluate organ system function and to screen for any indications that you may need additional supportive treatments designed for you and your body.

2) Does your weight loss program involve fasting?

-The answer should be "no"

Generally speaking, most doctors agree that fasting is very hard on your body and can actually cause significant rebound weight gain as well as other potentially serious health problems.... Which is obviously counter productive!

3) Do you offer homeopathic hCG? (to read more about this topic, click here)

-The answer should be "no"

Homeopathic hCG is a scam. Homeopathic hCG does not contain a single molecule of hCG hormone in it. It cannot by law, because hCG is a prescription hormone that requires a doctor's prescription, and is only given to patients that are first given a medical history review and physical exam to deem it is appropriate for them. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting consumer may go online and purchase these products, but in reality they are only getting a water based placebo - AND they are essentially putting themselves on a VLCD (starvation diet) which may ultimately lead to rebound weight gain as well as other serious health consequences.

4) Do you offer food replacement products or pre-packaged meals?

- The answer should be "no"

Most integrative naturopathic medical doctors (ND, NMD) will agree that any of these types of products are not real food and should be avoided. Do you want to rely on "food products" that are devoid of any living nutrients? Do you want to continue to be dependent upon these pre-packaged products with preservatives and fillers, that you will have to continue buying long term to lose weight or maintain your weight? We recommend diets that promote healthy, fresh nutrient rich organic foods wherever possible. Learning how to cook as well as how and what to eat are key elements in any long term successful weight loss program.

5) Do I meet with the doctor each week during my weight loss program?

-The answer should be "yes"

We believe that meeting with a qualified and experienced doctor each week, face to face, is one of the most important aspects of any medical weight loss program. Many "supervised" weight loss programs in Santa Rosa, truly means that you will see a technician, medical assistant or some other staff member instead of the doctor. If you are lucky enough to be seen by the doctor, it is usually for 3-5 minutes. Our doctor's meet one on one every week with our weight loss patients to evaluate their response to the treatments, review their food journals, evaluate their progress and make specific recommendations regarding the best course of action to continue making steps in the right direction. Any medical weight loss program can put your body under stress, and having the proper medical supervision can ensure that your weight loss program is done safely. The only on staff "expert" you should be meeting with is the doctor.

6) What specific tools can your doctors provide me with in the long term, to help me keep my weight off?

-The answers may vary, however they should be able to provide you with many options to encourage your long term success and weight loss maintenance.

You will need to use your intuition here and decide on what seems like it will work best for you in the long term. We recommend a wide variety of supportive therapies that are integrative and natural to ensure that you keep your weight off. Each on of our patients appreciates our comprehensive level medical evaluation that helps the doctor identify the issues that contributed to the weight gain. These issues are the long term focus of helping patients avoid the pitfalls from the past, so they can finally overcome them and move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and a healthier body - that stays slim!

Dr Hoffman's medical weight loss programs have helped thousands of patients, many of which are local Santa Rosa residents.

Weight loss and losing weight, can contribute to the following:

  • Improving your confidence levels
  • Help improve hormone balance
  • Decrease food cravings
  • Decrease your desire to over-eat
  • Improve your odds of avoiding Diabetes
  • Improve overall cardiovascular health
  • Increase energy
  • Decrease joint pain
  • Improve stamina and exercise tolerance
  • Much more

To learn more about Dr Justin Hoffman's Weight Loss programs in Santa Rosa,please contact

Tru Health Medicine at: 707-292-8882

Stay informed! Stay healthy! Stay inspired!

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