What is Integrative Medicine in Santa Rosa?

Read: What is Integrative Medicine in Santa Rosa?

Integrative medicine in Santa Rosa combines state of the art medical treatments with carefully selected, alternative therapies proven safe and effective.

Many of the alternative therapies used were discovered centuries ago. Others have been developed from new studies and understandings of the human body. One of the primary differences between conventional treatments and integrative medicine at Tru Health is our belief in treating the cause of your symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.

Integrative Medicine in Santa Rosa Focuses on Treating the Cause of Your Symptoms

Owning the day!
When you treat the whole body, you feel like you can own the day.

It’s understandable that a lot of traditional doctors treat symptoms. In most cases, that’s the most obvious and time sensitive matter. And as a patient in pain, all you want is to get rid of the pain.

But the problem with treating your symptoms is that it doesn’t offer a long-term solution. Rather, it can lead to a variety of negative side effects, including:

Continued dependence on the drug or treatment for relief

  • Addiction
  • Tolerance buildup, requiring an increase in the prescribe treatment for the same results
  • Compensation injury from trying to “live” with your discomfort
  • Compound injury from pushing your body further than you should.

Integrative Medicine in Santa Rosa is Based on Your Overall Well Being

No two patients are alike.
Because we know no two patients are alike, we know no two treatments should be alike.

At Tru Health, we believe no two patients are alike. That’s why we approach each persona as a unique individual. We look at both the physical and nonphysical factors that could be affecting your health and wellness.

The Wheel of Health

Integrative medicine has begun to take center stage at top medical university, like Duke University Health System (DUHS). The experts at Duke Integrative Medicine, a branch of DUHS, developed the “Wheel of Health.”

This guide explains the nine key areas that affect your health and wellness. It’s broken down into three main components:

  • You as the ultimate focal point
  • Self-care your lifestyle, motivations, and habits
  • Professional care provided through conventional Western medicine and integrative medicine.

By looking at these three main components, the folks at Duke have been able to see how areas such as nutrition, spirituality, and your physical environment influence your overall health.

Ultimately, Duke Integrative Medicine has found that creating a personalized health plan that addresses not just one issue, but your overall health, leads to long-term success.

I Want a Health Plan That Addresses My Overall Health

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