What is the best seasonal hay fever relief in Santa Rosa?

Read: What is the best seasonal hay fever relief in Santa Rosa?

Santa Rosa’s dry heat and plethora of parks, gardens, and agricultural land make it an incredibly beautiful place to live. But the climate and the habitat can also lead to severe cases of hay fever. This is especially true during the spring when pollen counts are at their highest.

Why? Because immune systems are designed to protect our bodies from harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxins. When our immune systems believe a dangerous substance is present, they attempt to expel the substance.

This can lead to some pretty miserable symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itching, headaches, asthma, and watery eyes.

Unfortunately, some immune systems recognize harmless substances – like as pollens, grasses, and animal dander – as a threat. The conventional approach suppresses symptoms with sprays and tablets.

While these suppressants provide temporary relief, they doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. And, prolonged use can lead to a tolerance build up, forcing you to need an even increasing dosage to experience the same level of relief.

Luckily for many individuals in Santa Rosa, natural hay fever remedies have proven effective:

Hydrating is One of the Best At-Home Hay Fever Remedies

Drinking Water
Hydration is one of the most essential steps to staying healthy, boosting your immune system, and avoiding the uncomfortable symptoms of hay fever.

Water offers a myriad of benefits. It lubricates your joints and regulates your internal temperature. It helps transport nutrients throughout your body. And in the case of hay fever, it keeps your nose’s mucous membranes moist so they can easily expel allergens.

Sometimes hydration isn’t enough. Your nose is full of nooks and crannies where small airborne irritants can get lodged. Neti pots can be used to flush your nose with a salt water solution that can help you easily remove any irritants.

And, when pollen counts are at their highest, a light coating of non-absorbent ointment inside your nostrils can provide a protective barrier. A common ointment of choice is paw-paw ointment.

Fill Your Diet with Immune Boosting Foods

Garlic and Onions
Onions, garlic, and turmeric help naturally reduce inflammation.

Like water, your diet is a key player in the function of your immune system. Feed it good stuff and good stuff will typically happen. Give if junk and you’ll normally feel like the fuel you have it - junk.

Avoid polyunsaturated fat and trans-fats, which are commonly found in highly processed foods. Studies have shown those who consume these engineered fats often suffer from more allergy related symptoms. Instead, look to healthy fats and oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil. These can help boost your immune system.

Onions, garlic, and turmeric are also fabulous additions to your diet, as they naturally help reduce inflammation. If your hay fever symptoms are spiking, look to spicy food to help clear your sinuses. Items like horseradish and mustard can help thin your mucus and flush any pollens from your nasal cavity.

Consider How Homeopathy Can Naturally Provide Seasonal Hay Fever Relief

Family running
When you can naturally keep hay fever symptoms from occurring, your entire family can enjoy a better quality of life.

In the simplest of terms, homeopathy treats a disease by administering small doses of natural substances to produce a response. This allows your body’s own immune system to learn how to treat itself.

In the case of seasonal hay fever, homeopathy can help your body build a tolerance to the pollens triggering your symptoms. This natural remedy is non-invasive and allows you to improve your quality of life without exposing your body to potentially harmful chemical suppressants.

While some individuals benefit from administering their own homeopathic remedies, it’s often best to consult with a medical professional. Because each person is different. Appropriate dose levels, cocktails, and frequency can change from individual to individual.

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