Why Choose an Integrative Medical Doctor Near Me

Read: Why Choose an Integrative Medical Doctor Near Me

Traditional Western medicine is an evidence-based practices that typically focus on treating a single issue. Integrative medicine takes a holistic approach to wellness. Rather than simply treating single issue, naturopathic doctors focus on identifying and treating the cause of the symptom.

To help you better understand integrative medicine and decide if it’s right for you, we’ve outlined the top five benefits this approach to wellness offers:

5 Benefits of Integrative Medicine

1. A Full Arsenal of Tools for Your Health

Integrative medicine utilizes a combination of Western medicine and alternative therapies. This means you aren’t limited to a single idea or philosophy. Rather, your naturopathic doctor utilizes the best treatment options available to maximize your wellbeing.

Sometimes this means an all-natural, holistic approach. Other times this means a combination of pharmaceutical prescriptions and alternative therapies. And in some instances, it means recommending Western medicine.

In essence, with integrative medicine, your naturopathic doctor has the biggest toolbox of treatment options possible.

2. Naturopathic Medicine Addresses the Root of Your Illness

If you see a traditional doctor because of pain in your knee, they’ll typically prescribe pain medication. The immediate result is relief. Unfortunately, that relief isn’t permanent. Those meds don’t solve the problem. Rather they chemically mask it.

A practitioner who specializes in naturopathic medicine, may recommend pain management to provide immediate relief. But, they won’t stop there. They will work to diagnose and treat the cause of the issue.

Often this means looking at you as a whole person. This could include looking at details such as:

  • Daily Environment
  • Emotional State
  • Diet
  • Exercise Regime
  • Past Medical History
  • Current Prescriptions
  • Family Medical History

In the long term, this whole-body approach helps your body heal and regain its optimal wellbeing.

3. Your Doctor Becomes Your Partner in Health

Traditional doctors have a tendency to tell you what’s wrong and dispense medication. The nature of integrative medicine doesn’t allow for this kind of institutionalized process. Why? Because in order for you to heal, your doctor needs to know all about you.

This natural approach to treatments and therapies means your doctor becomes your partner in your long-term health.

4. Naturopathic Medicine Addresses Chronic Issues

Chronic health issues typically impact those with a health issue which traditional Western medicine couldn’t treat. In many cases this is because doctors have only looked at the symptoms, rather than considering the cause of those symptoms.

Integrative medicine’s alternative approach helps to balance the entire body – repairing imbalances and restoring natural function to internal organs. This often results in reduction, if not an elimination, of symptoms.

5. Naturopathic Medicine Means Your Get Personal Care

Typically, doctors don’t spend a significant amount of time with you. They try to quickly move from patient to patient. Naturopathic doctors aren’t that way. The practice of integrative medicine calls for a personal approach. And the result of such personal attention is typically faster results for patients.

It’s particularly helpful to work with a naturopathic doctor who lives in the same region as you. Environmental factors can play a significant role in your overall health. From seasonal allergies and local cuisine to daily stressors (like traffic) and events, a local naturopathic doctor will have a better handle on what’s affecting you.

For example, in the Santa Rosa area, many patients are affected by the high levels of pollen. This can present in a wide variety of symptoms, which traditional doctors may not be able to diagnose.

Find an Integrative Medical Doctor Near You

Curious whether integrative medicine can help you heal? Schedule a consultation with a naturopathic doctor at Tru Health today.

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