How IV Drip Helps with Smoke Detox

Read: How IV Drip Helps with Smoke Detox

Many Santa Rosa residents and those throughout California have experienced the devastating effects of wildfires. These horrific acts of Mother Nature have not only displaced thousands of individuals and families – they pose a significant threat to our health.

If you were in an affected area, the airborne toxins released due to wildfire smoke were practically unavoidable. The issue isn’t the large particles of ash you most likely saw floating in the air. Rather, it’s the small particulate matter that is imperceptible to the naked eye which is particularly worrisome.

This means nearly everyone in the Sonoma Valley suffered some form of smoke inhalation during the fire season.

These particles can easily be trapped within your body once inhaled. Often, they are lodged in the tissue of your internal organs. Over time the foreign particles can cause any number of side effects ranging from cancer and shortness of breath to organ failure and intense pain.

4 Ways IV Drip Helps with Wildfire Smoke Inhalation Detox

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1. Ultra-Hydrating Fluids Help Stubborn Particles Loosen and Leave the Body

Think of the way water removes food stuck to a dirty plate. It can have the same effect on foreign particles stuck within your body. Fluids help flush harmful chemicals from your body, particularly from your lungs and liver where they often become lodged.

Drinking water is wonderful. We encourage you to drink lots of it. (‘Water, water, water!’ is a common mantra among naturopaths.) Unfortunately, most of us simply aren’t getting enough water. CBS reported in their article, ‘Chronic Dehydration More Common Than You Think’ that:  

Most people know that they are supposed to drink water, but up to 75 percent of Americans may be functioning in a chronic state of dehydration, according to new research.

The nature of an IV drip is that it’s loaded with H20 – the hydrating elixir your body needs to thrive. Because IV treatments deliver the liquid directly into your bloodstream, your body has the opportunity to start experiencing positive results nearly immediately. Some patients report feeling better in as little as five minutes!

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2. Nutrient-Rich Cocktails Promote Tissue Repair

The body is an amazing, self-healing machine. When it suffers an injury, it kicks into overdrive and attempts to repair the damage. Broke a bone? Your body’s going to try and grow some more. Strained a ligament? The body will try its hardest to strengthen it. Tore a muscle? In all likelihood, the body will grow more muscle tissue.

This activity starts at the cellular level. The regrowth causes an intense metabolic demand for nutrients. Think of the importance vegetables play for a child during a growth spurt. The same principle applies here.

If your body suffers damage due to the effect of smoke, it’s going to try and heal itself by repairing the tissue.

Unfortunately, “nutritional deficiencies can impede wound healing,” reported Douglas MacKay, ND, and Alan L. Miller, ND in their article ‘Nutritional Support for Wound Healing’ published in the Alternative Medicine Review.

Luckily, you can help your body quickly recover from nutrient deficiencies with IV therapy. Delivered intravenously directly into your bloodstream, this nutrient-rich application can give you the support needed for a full body detox.

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Even when you focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet, it may not give your body enough of the key vitamins and nutrients it needs to repair damage caused by smoke inhalation. Sometimes, you just need a little extra help.

3. Vitamin-Infused Therapies Boost Immune System Response

Think of the immune system as a big wall against sickness. Its job is to identify and eliminate pathogens that would get you sick, while identifying and tolerating pathogens that won’t harm you.

In the grand scheme of things, the immune system does a darn good job. Unfortunately, bombarded with an onslaught of foreign bodies, the immune system’s ability to distinguish friend from foe is diminished. Additionally, if you’re vitamin deficient, your immune system is further impaired.

It’s like Mike Tyson trying to fight Muhammad Ali with one hand tied behind his back. While he’s a skilled fighter, Tyson’s chances wouldn’t be very good.

A vitamin drip can help your body get the key vitamins it needs, where it needs them most. By administering it intravenously, it’s delivered directly to your bloodstream and therefore to your body’s organs.

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Help your body detox and heal, so you can focus on the ones who matter most in life.

4. Bypassing Your Gut Maximizes Effectiveness

Your digestive system runs from your mouth all the way to your rear end. This path includes the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. For the average adult, this path is more than 30 feet long.

The role of the digestive system is to break down food and liquids into their chemical components so they can be utilized by the body. These components include, but are not limited to:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins

According to Harvard Medical School, “Any undigested food that remains after passing through the large intestine is expelled by a highly efficient disposal system.”

Even the most efficient digestive systems have trouble processing all the nutrients you consume orally. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and delivers these key vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream so your body can start utilizing them immediately.

Get a Vitamin Drip and Start Detoxing

Did you suffer from smoke exposure during the wildfires? Whether you experienced nasal passage discomfort or more severe side effects, IV drip therapy may be able to help. Schedule a consultation to find out if IV drip therapy is right for your wildfire smoke inhalation detox.

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