Your Surgery-Free Option for Knee Pain Relief

Read: Your Surgery-Free Option for Knee Pain Relief

Surgery and medication aren’t the only way to relieve knee pain. Prolotherapy offers a surgery-free alternative for many patients.

Chronic knee pain can be caused by a variety of issues. Among the most common are osteoarthritis, ligament and tendon tears, as well as meniscal injuries. Often referred to as wear-and-tear arthritis, osteoarthritis affects millions throughout the world – causing them to suffer from debilitating pain and limited mobility.

Traditional treatment plans often look to mask the pain with heavy doses of medication or to perform invasive surgery. Both of these options can pose significant risks to your long-term health.

But, they aren’t your only option. Prolotherapy is an innovative technique that has the ability to relieve knee pain and promote healing without invasive surgery.

Prolotherapy is an innovative technique that has the ability to relieve knee pain and promote healing without invasive surgery.Click to Tweet

The process involves giving patients small injections into the injured tissues surrounding their joints. These injections cause a mild inflammatory response (aka swelling). This stimulates the "healing cascade" that improves the strength of ligaments and tendons. Additionally, it attracts the factors in the blood that help heal injuries which cause joint pain.

Despite the fact Prolotherapy has been around for nearly 100 years, many conventional orthopedic doctors have only recently begun acknowledging the clinical trials that have proven its effectiveness. These studies have come in the wake of a drastic spike in joint replacement surgeries, especially among Baby Boomers.

This can be attributed to the fact Baby Boomers are living longer. And, that they played more competitive sports. The combination has caused many individuals to suffer from osteoarthritis.

As more and more patients look for surgery-free pain relief, more mainstream doctors have begun to recognize the benefits of Prolotherapy. Studies, like “Dextrose Prolotherapy for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial” published in the Annals of Family Medine’s 2013May/June, reveal:

Prolotherapy resulted in clinically meaningful sustained improvement of pain, function, and stiffness scores for knee osteoarthritis compared with blinded saline injections and at-home exercises.

What Next?

Whether the pain in your knee is nagging or extremely debilitating, the time to act is now. The sooner you begin helping your body heal naturally, the less damage your knees will incur.

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