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Can You Benefit from LENS?

LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is a unique, non-invasive brain wave biofeedback therapy that can help people reclaim their potential. It is especially helpful for those who have suffered a physical or emotional trauma.

While LENS does not cure any illness, and while it won’t make someone smarter, faster or better than they are physically or genetically capable of being, it has been known to help:

  • Improve mood and decrease anxiety
  • Enhance cognition, memory and concentration
  • Normalize sleep patterns
  • Increase available energy
  • Improve movement and sensory integration
  • Decrease chronic pain
  • Optimize peak mental, athletic and artistic performance

Any symptom or condition that stems from an imbalance in the central nervous system can potentially be improved with LENS. Observed benefits have been noticed in those who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, brain fog from chemotherapy or anaesthesia, migraines and more.

How does it work?

LENS uses a very low power electromagnetic field, similar to those that surround digital watches or wires in the wall, to carry feedback to the patient. Although this signal is incredibly weak, it can produce measurable brainwave changes without conscious effort from the patient.

Even such minor changes of a patient’s physiological state has the potential to produce major differences in their experience. In essence, when the nervous system becomes disturbed by stress or trauma, LENS neurofeedback can help stimulate the brain’s own mechanisms to restore your equilibrium, enabling you to become more discerning and help you function at a higher level.

What Happens in a LENS Session?

LENS uses 2 ear clip sensors and 1 scalp sensor that is eventually moved around to 21 different sites on the head. Patients sit quietly with their eyes closed while receiving the feedback. This lasts anywhere from 1 second to several minutes. They are then asked to report any changes.

Your first visit with Dr. Hudson will be scheduled for 90 minutes, but it may be completed more quickly. Most of this initial visit is devoted to case intake and evaluation. A very small amount of feedback is given to assess your response to and tolerance of the treatment. Follow-up sessions last from 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the individual. The number of sites treated at each session as well as the strength of the treatment is highly individual to each patient.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

A minimum of 4 – 5 sessions is generally recommended to determine if a client responds well to LENS. However, the total duration of treatment depends on the nature of the issue. Problems that have come on suddenly and were preceded by a high functioning cognitive state may resolve more quickly (often 6 – 20 sessions). Those with multiple problems and a long history, genetic physiological disturbances, severe structural disturbances, or degenerative diseases may require ongoing treatment in order to maintain or improve functioning.

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What Clients Are Saying about LENS

At Tru Health Medicine we believe that symptoms are only an expression of the body, mind and/or spirit being in a state of dis-ease and understood them as the language that the body uses to communicate where the imbalances lie and how to best restore balance. As doctors who offer their patients more than symptom management, we understand that taking the time to discover the underlying causes of your symptoms and restoring balance where it is needed provides our patients with relief from their symptoms while optimizing their overall health in transformative way.

After the first treatment I fell into a deeper sleep than any I can remember, and later I experienced a crystal clarity that felt similar to sunlight burning off morning fog.
— CC, 34 years old
The treatments are rather subtle but the end result almost always (about 90% of my sessions) leaves me feeling refreshed and stimulated, my mind clearer, my vision sharpened. The most significant change I’ve experience from these treatments is an improvement in my nightly sleep pattern. Before the treatments I often would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. I was only getting 41/2 to 6 hours of sleep at night. I’d feel exhausted by the time my alarm would go off. Now, after the treatments, if I do wake up I’ll go back to sleep right away. Many nights I sleep straight through. I’m getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
— DW, 67 years old
Overall, I have noticed some very significant improvements in my hand-eye coordination and motor skills, specifically in regards to playing soccer. After each session with Dr. Hudson I had the immediate benefits of feeling more relaxed and grounded, and mentally clearer. Hours later, I played soccer. What I can confirm is that I was able to process visual information better, improve my concentration, and respond quicker in my motor reactions while playing. For lack of a better term, I call it “The Matrix” effect! Interestingly, each time I received a LENS treatment, I had some athletic activity later in the day and noticed the same results. I really can testify to the benefits of this treatment approach in improving reaction times and motor skills in focused sports.
— KK, 43 years old
For years I have had jaw pain and swelling along with dental, neck and back problems. I spent countless hours and a great deal of money on myofascial work, Atlas Orthogonal and chiropractic work to my head, neck and inside my mouth, but nothing would relax my muscles for more than a few days. In 2011 I began working with several dental specialists, who found that the muscles that should have been opening my mouth were actually trying to close my mouth, while those which should have been closing my mouth were trying to open it. During late 2012 into early 2013 I was working with Dr. Hudson for an unrelated issue, and to our surprise we discovered that the neurofeedback relaxed my muscles, and for the first time in many years I woke without clenching my teeth. My dentist was amazed, for this seemed to unscramble the confusion of the jaw muscles! I was also able to sleep for extended periods at night for the first time in my adult life. Additionally, neurofeedback has helped my cognitive functioning. Specifically, I have an easier time finding and speaking the right words, whereas before I would think of a particular word but a different one would come out of my mouth. I am so sold on LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System), I highly recommend it as well as Dr. Shannon Hudson. She is caring, supportive and knowledgeable with a desire to see her patients healthy and fulfilled in all areas of life.
— MH, 67 years old