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Restore Hormone Balance

Our Naturopathic Doctors Specialize in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hot flashes. Mood swings. Gray hair. Hormones get blamed for a lot of unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms. However, these naturally produced chemicals are responsible for a lot more than your sweaty brow. Hormones allow your body to communicate internally.

Hormones are chemicals produced by the endocrine system. (The endocrine system is made up of 10 different glands located throughout various parts of your body, including your adrenal gland, ovaries, and thyroid.) Each hormone is designed to meet a specific receptor.

Hormones Influence Every Aspect of Your Body’s Function

When not enough of a hormone is produced or a hormone is misshapen, the wrong messages are communicated. This is when health problems can occur.

Why? Because hormones play a crucial role in every aspect of your body’s functions. These includes:

  • Regulating your metabolism (your body’s system of processing food into energy)
  • Controlling your blood sugar
  • Stabilizing energy levels, brain function, and mood
  • Repairing bone, muscle, and skin following an injury
  • Optimizing your immune system
  • Supporting your reproductive system

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Naturally Optimizes Hormone Levels

Traditionally, doctors have used synthetic hormones to help supplement hormone deficiencies. Unfortunately, synthetic hormones are typically a one-size-fits-all prescription. They don’t match the hormones your body produces.

Thus, your body often recognizes synthetic hormones as foreign substances. This can cause patients to suffer serious side effects.

Bioidentical hormones are created with the exact chemical structure of the ones your body produces. This can reduce and often eliminate the negative side effects of synthetic hormones.

Bioidentical Hormones Created Specifically for You

In order to create bioidentical hormones to match your body’s unique chemical structure, we perform extensive testing and take a detailed health history. This is a very precise and delicate process – one that takes years to hone.

Our doctors have nearly 20 years of combined experience developing bioidentical hormone support programs. We partner with compound pharmacies we trust, which offer the highest quality substrates and delivery methods. Because we believe your health should always be the top priority.

Love Your Body and Your Life

Tru Health Medicine is an integrative medical clinic. We specialize in bioidentical hormone therapy. Our doctors do not prescribe hormones for the purpose of enhancing any patient’s sports performance, including but not limited to never prescribing growth hormones. An in office consultation and comprehensive medical evaluation, including laboratory testing, is required before any prescription or hormones are dispensed.